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The Moonsingers were founded on November 23, 2004 as a roleplaying guild. Liiriel and Ghil had rushed to scrounge the funds together to establish the guild that day and became one of the first guilds in Darnassus.

The guild was initially founded to gather the remnants of House Moonsong, a family-based matriarchal guild. Principle plots involve the defense of Darnassus against the Horde and the Scourge as well as political disagreement around the druidic tauren.

All roleplayers are welcome, both casual and hardcore. For roleplay reasons the guild is mainly Night Elven but after a couple years of debate, the Moonsingers no longer discriminate against other races of the Alliance. Therefore all other races and classes (depending on persona) are welcome to the Moonsingers.

For more information, please contact one of the names listed below under Officers.

History Edit

House Moonsong fought bravely during The Third War, but succumbed to great losses. What few survivors that were to be found regrouped and reorganized themselves. High Priestess Liiriel Moonsong and Archdruid Ghil Moonsong began searching for other family members that went missing during the war and also began recruitment.

More history to come.

Guild rules Edit

  • Soon to come.

Officers Edit

Listed below are a few names in charge of the guild. Please take contact if there should be any questions or applying for recruitment.

Liiriel, High Priestess 
Guild leader.
Ghil, Archruid 
Officer and co-founder
Llathos, Commander 
Trusted officer.
Hamz, Weapon Master 
Trusted officer.
Sylvie, Officer 
Recruitment officer.