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Guild History Edit

“In the old days of April 22nd, 2005 when the night was young and the shady bunch grouped in the brave city of StormWind, on the agenda was the birth of the new Guild, one who would be able to stand upon its own two feet, who would combine the best that there is. So Odinn and Crestwalk from the Moonlight Followers alongside with Tawnie and Armenek from the Council of Azeroth reached an agreement and a new alliance was formed, the Moonlight Council would be born under the lead of Odinn and Tawnie and later on Tirlana.”

The name of the Guild itself represents two of the three birth guilds, the Moonlight Followers (Who were under the lead of Thalor and Odinn) and the Council of Azeroth (who was leaded by Tawnie), The Moonlight Council was born for a single day when the Obsidion Fist Guild wished to join us to improve and strengthen the ranks of the “Moonlight Council”, the newborn guild had on its lead Odinn alongside with Tawnie and Tirlana who had made an agreement to share decisions and to stop thinking about the past guilds to share only visions of a prosperous future, there was no more Followers, no more Council, no more Obsidion, there was only The Moonlight Council, some time after, some Coalition members and some from the Kuryami Guild joined with the Moonlight Council bringing forth the last remaining strength needed to fully reach out for end game content.

The Moonlight Council Officers struggled many times to keep the guild moving and to make it a fair, yet reliable environment, but sometimes disagreements happen, nonetheless they would only improve the guild, for what could not kill us could only make us stronger. With time several changes happened on the officers team since the Guild was born, but each and every time it happened was for the best of the guild and each decision was taken with pride.

The Moonlight Council guild had always the great support of many of its players and members who proudly worked for the Guild’s sake and survival, between many of these we name a few of the most known ones, such as Odinn, Tawnie, Tirlana, Louise, Fellex, Mindbrake, Crestwalk, Jamrop, Anikki, Hexia, Absolution, Nocturnus, Kharmen, Ivan Lionheart, and many many more that helped to make Moonlight Council one of the top guilds on the Deathwing Realm.

The Moonlight Council started doing Molten Core with cooperation runs alongside First Blood Guild who under the raid leading of Tileal moved slowly inside the first endgame content instance.

Later on with Odinn and Crestwalk raid leading the Guild advanced further into the instance, but with the coming of Jamrop and Anikki to the leading ranks the Council unleashed its true potential inside MC and the newly opened instance, Blackwing Lair.

Due to its “late birth” the guild was not able to claim the first clean kill on Ragnaros, yet due to its hard work and commitment on BWL Moonlight Council was able to claim the first clean kill on Razorgore the Untamed on the Deathwing server.

Odinn was the official guild leader since day one until the end of October where due to real life situations passed on the lead to Jamrop.

  • “But the history is not over yet my friend, far from truth indeed for this is only the beginning…”

Jamrop took the lead of Moonlight Council and along the way Moonlight Council conquered Blackwing Lair and later reached the end of Ahn’Qiraj. But dark times approached this Guild. Meanwhile the guild changed to the newly opened Talnivarr realm, although with a couple members staying behind in old DeathWing, Moonlight Council moved forward.

This is where it started, whilst we were trying to keep the guild running and hugging as many people as possible, little did we knew that in the darkness somewhere a great evil lurked, an evil so malefic and devious non of our pink hearts could've imagined. A great warrior only know as Nihilus would shatter the very foundations of our degenerating guild. We all thought the lack of motivation in the bad raiding nights which caused our guild to fall apart, came from poor organisation or lack of members. And that was partially true until the 1st of April 2006, the day when Thrall, Warchief of the Horde finally decided to assign High Warlord to Nihilus and provide him with weapons of legendary quality. Normally before our raids even started we would send a couple of dwarves gnomes and night elf females to dance in funny clothes and spam /love /hug /kiss emotes all around Blackrock Mountain, for that seemed to pacify the horde's need for blood and we would get an easy run into the instance.

The nightmare begins...

1st of April 2006 - A normal raiding day our "carebear crew" was getting into position before we would start the march of glory to the raiding instance, one thing I remember saying in this dark night, is that we were lacking gnomes so we had to send in more "cute" night elf males. Everything was quiet, you could hear the joy and love all around on ventrilo, so I decided to slip into a darker part of IronForge with the girl of my dreams... A human female paladin oooh her eyes were deep sea dark and her hair oh how I loved him... her, her! I mean the character not the guy playing it... but alas lads that is story which I will share in different time. All that I remember is that we couldn't finish what we started, we were interrupted by what seemed at first a funny joke on ventrilo it later became a nightmare, from the burnt down ashes of Searing Gorge a fiery terror aroused, it was He I do not dare speak his name, he lacerated our armourless "carebear crew" in a matter of minutes. A vast silence laid out across ventrillo, none like I have ever heard after minutes of trying to communicate with our field bears we could finally hear the terrifing help screams of a dwarf warrior know as Garm who was being chased by the nightmare itself, he described Nihilus as riding a black war wolf and being decked in a dark armour with fiery eyes which would shatter one's very soul with only a glimpse, and a red-steel flaming sword. We didn't know what to do we were never faced with such a confruntation, some of us immediately logged on the realm forums and tried to talk to the ravenous fiend and tell him to leave the gorge and let our raid make pace thus maybe we will spare him, I know it was foolish but what could we have said ? what could we have done ? Others tried to comfort garm and whisper him to stay brave, use his mount gear and stay alive until reinforcements would arrive, but that was not the case, swiftly the dark terror caught up to him as he was fleeing and annihilated his last breath, some say with a shivering pleasure from which garm still suffers up till today. That night many of us fell trying to suppress this daemon, only to end up corpse running and starting the instance approximately 1 hr late, oh the agony...

But rest asure brothers this was only a battle in the great war which has just started. Or that at least is what we thought at that time. Brave adventurer if you think this was a catastrophe the following days were even worse. The one which name we do not speak or at least we try to speak less about teamed up with a great practitioner of the shamanistic powers, some say the greatest maybe, Xenoman, an audacious spirit which had the same goal as Nihilus and that to destroy what we have created. After some time of being "outnumbered" and taken by surprise by the duo, our raid began to train in the arts of fighting other players, we decked out our warriors one of them being the above mentioned Garm, a noble soul whose allegiance was only to the council tried vainly to surpass our enemies' unstoppable barrier in the end he bore the greatest weapons we could give him and the greatest armour Ivan Lionheart could forge him. He also had countless escorts of healers and helpers altho it seems it was not enough.

We tried to speak with the officers of their guild and tell them to stop killing our bears but they answered... "what nihilus ? xenoman agh man we can't stop them... just kill em"

Weeks passed...

We had nothing else to do, what at first seemed be a containable situation now looked like the end for our harmonious guild

A conflict inside Moonlight Council started raging between Jamrop and Anikki which sadly ended up breaking the Council into two, during the start of Khel’Thuzad’s attack over Azeroth.

The more elitist members of Moonlight Council left and formed a new guild named DO lead by Anikki, with goals to form an hardcore guild. Some followed when seeing their friends departing as well, others lost hope on the old Council, very few remained still wondering if they would stay or leave still with companions on both sides. In the end, only a small group of brave heroes stayed behind with the Council close to the end of its existence. Nihilus continuously torn through our ranks like a butcher's axe would do in a hunk of cheese.

“And so darker moments struck over the Moonlight Council, divided and thorn apart few remained and fewer had hopes of survival, but the Council lived through and with hard work between sweat and tears the Council was once again reborn and so, The Second Era came forth, showing us new blood and new alliances but always under the same hopes and dreams that brought us together in the beginning…”

  • The Second Era
  • “Rise forth new blood, for you shall be the hope of the new Council!”

Rumours were sounded at every step and corner, apparently that which had massacred our brethren has stopped playing this fabulous game, He actually quit wow OMFGBBQWTF??!?!?! YOU CAN DO THAT?

Old leaders have departed and new leaders have risen and so the rebuild started, with all our might we worked for a better future, united once more the Moonlight Council is walking forth with its head held up high, with the good knowledge and memories from the past, Absolution took a temporary lead for the Rebuild supported by Nocturnus, Ivan Lionheart, Kharmen, Piranha and all the new members who committed has a new family and together brought back light to where many could only see Darkness.

And again due to real life situations the guild leader for the rebuild, Absolution had to leave the lead, passing it onto he who most deserved it, Nocturnus. Nocturnus stood up and took the challenge to a higher level, with great effort and a strong lead and with all the support from the newborn officer team the guild restarted doing end game content with the aid of Justice Guild during 2006 summer re-experiencing Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

  • “But if you wish to know, time itself aided the Council, for soon after the rebuild started they could stand on their own two feet once again…”

And soon after the Moonlight Council was able to start doing Onyxia, Molten Core and Blackwing lair once again with no more than their own members, under the raid leading of Nocturnus and the comeback Odinn the guild progressed further and stood united against the new challenges presented to it.

Nocturnus kept the hard work up until this day, the guild commits and stands tall to face any new challenge, to the new Moonlight Council the Guild comes first, for their ties are stronger than blood, as they stood united past Light and Darkness and today The Moonlight Council still fights and survives to once more tell you all the stories of their past, and present you the dreams of our future.

"We will never forget our dark era... and all those weeks where we bowed down to Nihilus' feet, now amongs the new members it is just a rumour but amongs the old we keep it in whispers, we know what happened those nights and we will never forget it."

“Nevertheless today we stand stronger than before, for we have the knowledge of a strong past behind us and the hopes of a better future among ourselves, but friend the history I told you today, it is true and mark my words for the Moonlight Council still exists and always will for many times to come.”

  • And now we are in TBC...

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