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Overview Edit

  • Guild Master: Corleown
  • Officers: Gruumok, Azuzel, Andrend, Kerg

Months Behind is the top raiding guild and is at the forefront of Nathrezim progression.

News Edit

On 8/14/2008 Months Behind defeated M'uru, thus putting the Horde on Nathrezim back at 1# on the server. We are 5/6 in Sunwell.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Monday: 5:45 to 11 Server Tuesday: 5:45 to 11 Server Wednesday: 5:45 to 11 Server Thursday: 5:45 to 11 Server Friday & Saturday – Off nights Sunday: 5:45 to 11 Server

Recruitment Edit

Medium Need - Need one well geared player to fill in our roster High Need - Need one well geared player to immediately fill in our roster

Paladin (Holy) - Medium Need

Priests (Holy COH) - High Need

Shaman (Enhancement) - High Need

Warlocks - Medium Need

Mages - Medium Need

Druids (Resto) - Medium Need

Rogues - None

Warriors (Prot) - High Need

Druids (Feral) - None

We will always consider exceptional players of ANY class

What we want in potential recruits:

  • Self-motivated people with good working knowledge of their classes mechanics and all relevant theorycrafting. Be able to perform your classes role at a high level be it DPS, healing, or tanking. Be active in forum discussions on your class and be able to ask advice if you notice you are struggling in an are.
  • Full consumables for every progression raid. If you can not farm on your toon, we have plenty of people in guild willing to trade for consumables. I myself trade fish for herbs! We also pass out Marks of the Illdari every few weeks to members and possibly trials if you are in for raids in order to lessen the consumable cost.
  • Willingness to put in the effort of learning new encounters, especially ones that run into being expensive (lol ledge boss at Twins ). We provide repair money from guild funds for members and higher.
  • Good situational awareness. If you can't DPS/Heal/Tank and be aware of what else is going on in the fight at the same time don't apply.
  • T6 and Sunwell gear is a plus in recruiting. We do the first portion of BT on our offnights now and would be able to gear someone relatively quickly, however we are moving to progress in Sunwell as fast as possible. Please do not apply if you are in T4/Kara gear..we will not be able to gear you that quickly.
  • Able to make at a minimum 4 out of 5 raids a week. If you can not do this then please do not apply.
  • Be able to take jokes made at your expense and at the expense of others..these guys are kinda crazy

DKP SystemEdit

We use an EPGP loot system modified for our rules and trials last between 3 to 4 weeks, however, you can earn EP (DKP essentially) while you are a trial and when on the waitlist. We are looking for applicants who want to beat new content and do not mind the repair costs, consumable cost etc.

Guild ProgressEdit

Burning CrusadeEdit

Pre-Burning CrusadeEdit

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