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Overview Edit


Leadership Information Edit

Officers Role Managers Raid Leaders
Name Name Name
Varik Angelizer Devasth
Starstorm Starstorm
Nevers Bravept

The Search for a Guild nameEdit

Why momentum?

The terminology implies that it requires effort to start a process, but that it is relatively easy to keep it going. It also reflects that a process is adding adherents, or general acceptance, and thus has more mass at the same velocity; hence, it gained momentum.

momentum@Grim Batol: We are on the move and is going to take some effort to stop us!

Current Raid ScheduleEdit

We usually raid from 22:30 to 02:00 server time (21:30 to 01:00 in mainland Portugal), 5 days a week if necessary. Friday and Saturday are raid-free days.

The content we are currently doing is:

PVE HistoryEdit

World Of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Wrath of the Lich King
Date Event Date Event Date Event
2006-06-01 momentum founded 2007-04-16 High King Maulgar 2008-11-18 Sartharion (10 players) - Obsidian Sanctum cleared
2006-06-06 Nefarian - BWL cleared 2007-05-01 Gruul - Gruul's Lair cleared 2008-11-25 Kel'thuzad (10 Players) - Naxxramas cleared
2006-06-13 Prophet Skeram 2007-05-09 Nightbane 2008-11-26 Malygos (10 Players) - Eye of Eternity cleared
2006-07-11 Battleguard Sartura 2007-05-11 Netherspite - Karazhan cleared 2008-11-30 Anub'Rekhan
2006-09-07 Fankriss the Unyielding 2007-06-12 Magtheridon - Magtheridon's Lair cleared 2008-11-30 Grand Widow Faerlina
2006-09-07 Three Bugs 2007-06-21 Void Reaver 2008-11-30 Maexxna
2006-09-12 Princess Huhuran 2007-07-09 Hydross the Unstable 2008-11-30 Noth the Plaguebringer
2006-10-24 Twin Emperors 2007-07-17 The Lurker Below 2008-11-30 Heigan the Unclean
2006-10-29 Instructor Razuvious 2007-07-24 Morogrim Tidewalker 2008-11-30 Loatheb
2006-11-17 Anub'Rekhan 2007-07-30 Fathom-Lord Karathress 2008-12-01 Instructor Razuvious
2006-11-27 Grand Widow Faerlina 2007-09-04 Leotheras the Blind 2008-12-01 Gothik the Harvester
2007-09-13 Al'ar 2008-12-01 Four Horsemen
2007-10-02 High Astromancer Solarian 2008-12-01 Patchwerk
2007-10-23 Lady Vashj - Serpentshrine Cavern cleared 2008-12-01 Grobbulus
2007-11-01 Doom Lord Kazzak 2008-12-01 Gluth
2007-11-01 Doomwalker 2008-12-01 Thaddius
2007-11-17 Kael'thas Sunstrider - Eye (Tempest Keep) cleared 2008-12-01 Sapphiron
2007-11-20 Zul'jin - Zul'Aman cleared 2008-12-02 Kel'thuzad - Naxxramas cleared
2007-11-24 Rage Winterchill 2008-12-02 Malygos - Eye of Eternity cleared
2007-12-02 High Warlord Naj'entus 2009-05-11 Ulduar - cleared
2007-12-03 Supremus 2009-09-02 Trial of the Crusader - cleared
2007-12-04 Shade of Akama 2009-09-23 Onyxia's Lair - cleared
2008-01-03 Anetheron 2009-10-11 Trial of the Grand Crusader - 4/5
2008-01-06 Kaz'rogal 2009-04-08 Icecrown Citadel - cleared
2008-01-17 Teron Gorefiend 2010-06-24 Icecrown Citadel (Heroic) - 11/12
2008-01-21 Azgalor 2010-07-04 Halion - cleared
2008-02-03 Archimonde - Battle for Mount Hyjal cleared
2008-02-25 Gurtogg Bloodboil
2008-02-29 Reliquary of Souls
2008-03-01 Mother Shahraz
2008-03-08 Illidari Council
2008-03-11 Illidan Stormrage - Black Temple cleared
2008-05-11 Kalecgos
2008-06-03 Brutallus
2008-09-09 Felmyst
2008-09-16 Eredar Twins
2008-10-17 M'uru
2008-10-20 Kil'jaeden - Sunwell Plateau cleared

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