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Mist is a 3-day 25man PvE raiding guild on the Horde side Draenor-EU.

Over the years that Mist has existed we have amassed a truly excellent corum of loyal and skilled players. We pride ourselves on the fact that we raid only 3 days per week though can often keep up / overtake the Guilds (in terms of progress) that raid significantly more.

We try to keep a reasonably small roster to limit the amount of players having to "sit out" on raids.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

On the 26th of March 2006 a group of players from the guild COY (Children of Yggdrassil) decided that they wanted to put an elite team of players (originally no socials, was purely for raiding) to crack on with some of the end game content the game had to offer at the time. Some of the original members being Kosmoko, Zweihander, Nimmeth, Felmourn, Vergeth, Tash and Kittra. It was basically a big group of people who got together through a Sunday in game chat channel.

The guild initially only raided on Sundays, and started to farm Zul'Gurub to gear the members up and push on with Molten Core where they managed to kill Ragnaros (with the aid of the Onyxia buff!) before Blackwing Lair was released. After this monumental victory over the elemental lord the guild then went on to make short work of Blackwing Lair as well (after a few slipups on Razorgore!) regetably there was very little time to play around with Naxxaramas and so didn't progress very far through this raid.

Thus came the arrival of The Burning Crusade and with the guild going strong made short work of Lady Vashj and Kael'thas before Christmas 2007 and before the nerfs. Regrettably over the Christmas break a large amount of the members re-found Real life. However from adversity the new Officers and Guild master (namely Steelhoof, Trogdor and Rhuin) managed to re-forge the guild after a few weeks of it being very touch-and-go with some great new recruits and the understanding and love for the guild by the members who stuck with them throughout this rough period (thank you guys).

Under the new management and the new recruits things started to all fit together again, with the guild burning through all of The Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal and found that we were keeping up with the 5 day guilds even on our 3 day raiding schedual - everything being killed pre-nerfs. When Sunwell Plateau came out the guild was forced to start raid stacking and saw even more new members join (namely Priests and a Boomkin for Brutallus), again the guild made great progress through the instance and managed to down the Eredar Twins before the nerfs came. The next week everything was cleared.

Enter the Wrath of the Lich King and the new challenges it had to offer. The guild again cut through the new content like a hot knife through butter and again found itself keeping up with the 5 days guilds on the realm with ease. This has continued through Ulduar where we currently have 6/9 Hardmodes down and Trial of the Grand Crusader where we currently have 3/5 bosses down and will be sure to be adding more to those numbers soon.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, 20:00 Server - 24:00
  • Thursday, 20:00 Server - 24:00
  • Sunday, 20:00 Server - 24:00

Guild rules Edit

This is not a long list; a lot of stuff should simply be automatic, part of common decency.

  • Treat others like you would be treated yourself.
  • Officers decisions are final. If you don’t like them you can argue but you probably won’t win.
  • During our raids, we expect 100% from you, focus, and dedication.
  • We are a team, remember there is no “I” in team. Our strength as a group is what gets the bosses down not just the skills of one individual.
  • Come prepared to raids with Flasks, food, oils, and anything else that is needed for an encounter.
  • We have a family type atmosphere, we are friendly and help each other out, just don’t take the piss.
  • Our raiders are expected to attend at least 2 out of the 3 raids on a typical week (vacations and incidental real-life things excluded of course)

Officers Edit

Steelhoof, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Likened in Real Life to the portly, older brother of Harry Potter, Steels loving and caring nature has kept the guild running smoothly for many years - through thick and thin.
Trogdor, Officer 
The Trog has been a rock for the guild with his stern demeanor. The other officers tend to run to Trog if something important needs sorting.
Graalz, Officer 
Well known for his drunkeness at Guild meets, Graalz does alot of work to keep the guild raids running as smoothly as possible. Tends to die alot.
Rannasha, Officer 
Big Bear Rannasha is a master at all things mathmatical. His presense and leadership in raids is a huge asset to the guild.
Clod, Officer 
Clodverge is one of two recent addtions to the Officers in the guild. His vocalness during raids in telling people to step out of fire has saved many a raider from an embarresing demise.
Moodlightin, Officer 
Last but not least is the other recent addition, Moodlightin. Typically quiet during raids this is usually due to bitching on the Officer channel. Helps deals with the tactics side of things. Was told he sounds like James May - He strongly disagrees.

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