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Information Edit

Minor Threat started as lvling/alt guild months before WotLK came out. As our founder and first GM was busy raiding with his main and as WotLK release date was coming and our ambitions grew with it, we asked him to pass leadership onto Jovus, our current GM.

We entered WotLK era with goal to upgrade guild to raiding one and we're still working on it. Our 10man cleared Naxx and OS; still waiting on Malygos... Our second 10man group is up, but we still need more ppl for 25man.

Raid Progress Edit

to be added...

Weekly Raid Times Edit

to be added...

Add-On's Required Edit

to be added...

Recruitment Edit

Current spots available:

  • paladin: 1 holy
  • shaman: 2 resto and 1 elemental
  • warlock: 3 (affliction ofc unless some1 thinks up some other spec that does nice DPS now)
  • hunter: 2 (looking for 1MM; we'll see how last changes affect BM, hope they'll really buff it)
  • mage: 1
  • priest: 1 shadow

What do we expect from you:

  • 1. Being able to use Ventrilo and listen to our raid leader and complete tasks he's giving you
  • 2. Move out of fire and not die in some kind of mysterious way like overaggro, accidental taunt or ninja pull
  • 3. To at least know your class your raid role
  • 4. To show up on raids
  • 5. To know few jokes about guild masters and raid leaders

What do we have to offer:

  • 1. Healthy guild and raid environment; except Woolva, he's drama queen
  • 2. Fast raid progress, or at least we hope so, and phat lawtz
  • 3. Naked female tauren pics

Taken from [1]

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