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Militiae Templi is an end-game raiding guild which achieves hardcore results on a casual schedule. Our dedicated members help create a progressive environment full of exciting times and random fun.

This guild was formed on Magtheridon on Day 1, and started raiding a few months afterward. It is dedicated towards end game instances. We currently recruit raiders ready for Sunwell. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Ragnar, Zanjia, Levy in game.

Guild progress Edit

Raid Progression

Burning Crusade, 25-mans

Rank Raid Zone Status
Boss Date
3 Sunwell Plateau 4/6
3 Kalecgos May 13 '08
3 Brutallus Jun 1 '08
3 Felmyst Jun 24 '08
3 Eredar Twins Jul 13 '08
3 Black Temple DONE
3 Hyjal Summit DONE
3 The Eye DONE
3 Serpentshrine Cavern DONE
3 Magtheridon's Lair DONE
3 Gruul's Lair DONE

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by a close group of college friends. After growing to a considerable size they started attempting Molten Core. After much failure they decided to form a coalition with <Exalted>, <Kings>, and <ION>. Within a few months they had their first battle with Ragnaros. Eventually the coalition collapsed due to gross favoritism by the leader of Kings. MT was resilient, gathering skilled players looking for a home in the tragic aftermath. Many months passed before they conquered Blackwing Lair and ultimately faced C'thun and the early third of Naxxramas.

Weekly raid schedule Edit


3 days/week Raiding, Eastern

Day Start End Activity
Tuesday 6:45 pm Midnight Sunwell
Thursday 6:45 pm Midnight Sunwell
Sunday 6:45 pm Midnight Illidan, Sunwell

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a hardcore raiding guild as such every person is expected to be able to come prepared 3 nights each week.
    • If you are unable to make a night, you are required to post the absence.
  • If we can't do raids because of attendance, we will recruit necessary classes.
  • All members are required to have a least 10 Major Healing Potions at the start of the raid as well as being fully repaired.
  • We use a tiered zero-sum DKP system for loot.

Officers Edit

Officer Primary Roles
Ragnar Guild Leader
Louk Officer
Veeshan Officer
Betabonds Officer
Ivangrozni Officer
Deliah Officer
Levy Officer
  • Any officer may be contacted regarding recruitment, guild status/info, inter-guild relations, or infractions by our guild members.
  • For recruitment concerns, we recommend visiting our applications forum at, or please contact the respective officer above.

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