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Might and Magic guild is a social raiding PvE guild.

Overview Edit

Might and Magic has been running since 01-01-06, setup by Spiderwoz, Mcguig and Moonfire it soon exploded onto the server gathering well geared fun loving players. Mainly English speaking they have been progressing in game at a full on but relaxed rate. With a large player base we are able to run up to 3 Icecrown runs a week and also allow lower geared members of the guild a chance to run this instance with the top 20. With this in mind a few officers have taken it upon themselves to start running low (vanilla) raids for the shear fun of original content for all levels and helping with getting attuned too!

Might and Magic is a PvE Raiding Alliance guild on Server:Bronzebeard Europe. But have been known (more and more now) to turn their hand to PvP whilst waiting for raids or new content to be added whilst raiding the old runs such as AQ40 and BWL (also TBC runs).

Guild Progress Edit

Old runsEdit

History Edit

Might and Magic is one of the oldest and one of the original end of game raiding guilds on BronzeBeard

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Sunday, 8:45 PM Server
  • Monday, 8:45 PM Server
  • Tuesday, 8:00 PM Server - Old runs and continuations
  • Wednesday, 8:45 PM Server - Weekly run and VoA runs normally done before this in guild runs or pugs
  • Thursday, 8:45 PM Server - Old runs and continuations

Guild Rules Edit

  • Mature attitude towards fellow guild members and non guild members alike
  • If you sign up for something you show up for it
  • If you do not show up to a run, you will be replaced (Please note ALL members be they new or old are given a grace time to login)
  • All members are required to be being fully prepared.
  • Each member participating in raids is expected to have teamspeak 2 .
  • Each member above all else, must at all times have fun. We are not a seriously hard core raiding guild, we are a social guild who like to raid

Notable Members Edit

  • Spiderwoz - Guild founder (master)
  • Moonfire - Guild founder (master)
  • Mcguig - Guild founder (master)
  • Wozz - Spiderwoz's other half
  • Cosette - Guild PA, raid leader and DJ
  • Repent - Guild fool, raid leader inability to spell, old raid run organiser
  • Ivars - Raid Leader (epic)

Please note "Raid leader" has only been given to these members as they have the ability to command at least 10% loyalty and 1% attention from the rest of the raid - Other members do run raids and to these members we are grateful (Please also note that the masters also are classed as raid leaders)

Recruitment Edit

Currently we are looking for good and stable players in any classes to participate in new Raids and old alike!

Loot Edit

To make things fair Might and Magic runs on a loot rule of 1 primary roll and as many secondary roles as you need, the primary roll can be used on something you need and if something else drops that you need you wait for it to go to secondary roll. This is to make sure that everyone who can use the loot gets a roll and no one person receives all the drops.

External links Edit

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