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Alliance 15 Midnight ReveriesEdit


In construction(Must level first!) Things to add/edit:

-Complete the history

-Firahin did in fact start leading earlier!

Guild Creation: Edit

The guild was originally created by the two Night Elf(NE) Rogues Nether and Sharpish. Their intention was to make some sort of raiding guild, though it consisted mainly out of friends and also friend's friends. In just a few weeks it had reached, at that time, a considerable size. But Sharpish soon left for a honeymoon with promises of a comeback within a few months(MR is still waiting the 1st of May every year for his comeback, well it would be cute if they did), Nether declined his rightful GM spot as guild creator and remained an officer. Lampenkap (Human Mage) was made GM temporarily until a proper selection could be made, he was friendly enough and had ambitions so it wasn't a very strange decision.

Kazzak and the rebel, Protector!: Edit

The guild grew and their members became tired of Blackrock Spire. MR wanted to try their luck on something worth the name they were getting. This was in the early Kazzak and Azuregos days when a Kazzak kill was equal to being hardcore. The members were ready, Kazzak was up, but Lampenkap doubted the strength of his own guild and told the members that they wouldn't make it. Amazingly, a Human Paladin named Protector stepped up and like some Mel Gibson he said that we are ready to lose, we can wipe at Kazzak sure, but we must try if we want to get this guild somewhere!

The members quickly raised their voice in Protector's favor, it was also a perfect time for that proper GM vote which he won with ease. Lampenkap left the guild and Protector, MR's first member-selected GM arose. He didn't kill Kazzak for MR that day, but he made a name for himself and for MR, two names that would be known in the history of Al'Akir forever.

Midnight Reveries loses its virginity, to MC! Edit

With one of the servers oldest guilds, East Dragon (ED), MR entered Molten Core for the first time. With aid from Banedon(Human Paladin), who had done MC in the US beta the two-guild-alliance progressed quite fast. Banedon eventually joined MR and quickly became officer with his knowledge of MC. At this time our leaders were Protector (GM), Banedon, Exit(Human Paladin) and Nether(officers). MR grew so strong that Protector declined the help from ED and took an MR-only raid into MC for the first time.

Horde guilds, DarkStorm together with The Forgotten Few and soon after that The Void (May 2005), had already killed Ragnaros. The only Alliance guild ahead of MR was Stature of the Gods(Sotg)(who had killed Majordomo before MR even started MC on their own).

With the aid of the Molten Core expert Banedon MR quickly cleared up to Ragnaros and soon made attempts that were very close to a kill. When Sotg heard of this their troubles with lacking motivation and activity were gone, they did everything in their power to have the first Alliance kill. MR killed Ragnaros 22 July 2005 just a few hours after Sotg. MR lost the first kill but had cleared their first instance, and as second best Alliance guild on Al'Akir! People started to notice MR as something more than a random alliance guild.

Blackwing Lair - To be or not to beEdit

While farming Molten Core Bandeon goes from comments and info about encounter to a full-fledged raid leader. When MR is struggling, Banedon with his seemingly born talent for raid leading clears every obstacle and therefore gains more and more power as an officer. While on the other hand Protector, the GM, who steers MR with an old fashioned iron hand has trouble, not only from within his own guild, who starts to question his methods, but his reputation outside the guild grows darker and darker. MR's relationship with other guilds goes from a friendly competitive state to, mainly Sotg, something like a war. Both guilds struggle with certain members who enjoys the drama and hate that is being created between the guilds. Amazingly this do make MR stronger and their only goal is to get as many first alliance kills as possible at any cost in the upcoming BWL dungeon, but to bind a group based on contempt would soon prove fragile to the point of implosion. Blackwing Lair hits, the dungeon is unplayable and buggy. After a few hot fixes horde side(DarkStorm) soon downs Razorgore and the race of first Alliance kill was in motion.

-Drama and Disaster, out with the old, in with the new. Edit

Now the following drama is one of the major events on Al'Akir and is still somewhat spoken of:

When they wipe yet another time on Razorgore a witty Paladin makes a last move that is the source of many forum threads, tears, laughs, fights and joyful moments. The Divine Intervention move was not very well know then but it was soon to be. First the server screams out how MR made the first Razorgore kill, amazing! But as it is know that it was made using Divine intervention to bug the encounter the community response was relentless. The hate between MR and the rival, Sotg, grew like never before, the respect horde had for MR as a raiding guild hit the bottom, depression hit MR.

Suddenly all that mightiness came down like a bomb, external drama all over the realm forums made it look bad but the true storm that where going to hit the guild came from within. All the personal grudges, the military-like ruling by Protector, any kind of differences seemed to arise from where it was buried. Many valuable players left, officers left, some people where certain that this was the end of the Alliance guild Midnight Reveries. But a group of believers(Firahin (NE Rogue), Jaleel(Gnome Mage), Nether, Puhupux(Gnome Mage), Banedon) took matters in their own hands, they demanded the resignation of Protector, and planned on a new selection of a GM and a remake of the guild rules.

Wise from past mistakes MR took a whole new way. Banedon was elected GM and Protector left the guild, officers who mostly had been advisors earlier where now truly officers and really had a say in matters. Members would vote on new officers and GM regularly, a rolling raid schedule, etc. The outside image of MR on forums and general chats, with the Rogue and officer Firahin in the lead, was about to change entirely. The new formed MR shined with Maturity, Socialness, and overall happy faces.

With the new leadership, many new recruits and a lot of newfound motivation, MR downed encounter after encounter. They where certainly not first on the kill of Nefarian but the evolution from what many thought was a dead guild to once again an eminent raiding guild was stunning. Though this time, a guild based on socialness and not contempt.

Ahn'Quiraji - Death is Light as a Feather, Duty heavy as a mountainEdit

- first written in one of Robert Jordans Wheel of time books

The Dragonhunt - DeathEdit

Ahn'Quiraji(AQ) was at the door. Nature resistance was needed and four outdoor dragons with nature resistance were implemented. The endless hunt for these cursed dragons, never before had raiding been so stressfully. MR where not the only guild on these poor dragons: Sotg, East Dragon(the Alliance Asian guild, ED), DoV, DS, Kalevlased(Estonian Horde guild, Kale), Elusive(Horde), and many more. It was a hectic time but with some various alliance's MR managed to get a bunch of these dragon kills.

War supplies- DutyEdit

The server "event" to open up AQ started, MR as a guild did not supply anything but focused on farming BWL on purples, however their member where heavily encouraged to farm these stupid supplies after raiding. MR also helped DoV with the quest chain that Astaren (Human Priest from DoV) was doing.

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Death and Duty in a Defying DanceEdit

High activity, lots of ideas for new encounter but above all, a high morale and motivation made the first bosses easy. AQ was cleared up to Princess Huhuran within days, but the wasp provided resistance that MR realized that they couldn't not face with the gear they had. A desperate farming for NR started, everything with stats and NR where equipped and enchanted, potions where farmed in hundreds. With the epics in the inventory the blues and green equipped MR finally downed Huhuran, only to face Twin Emperors which, surprisingly, where even harder. It required organization like no other boss faced. What was done was the only thing that could be done, training and wiping, day after day. Just when the activity and morale started to dwindle they died, if the motivation had been sinking somewhat, it was in the ceiling now. MR felt the rush of victory. Only C'Thun and the two optional bosses left until a clear of AQ(the Three Bugs where dead since long), how hard could it be?. Very!

C'thun proved to be something else then a very challenging encounter. The problem wasn't that it was a very hard encounter, no, it was just something that had to go wrong every single time, always someone that had a lag, disconnect, mind blackout, any excuse you can think of. Progress was so slow and so fragile that it was hardly noticeable and sometimes even backwards, the agony! Sure the Eye of C'thun(Phase one) went down almost every try after what some member felt like a lifetime but after the Eye it was his Stomach(Phase 2) who was a whole other thing. You had to be fast, completely buffed, fully focused on the raid leader and your surroundings, but above all you had to be alive! And that was something that would prove to be hard, very hard, always a few that had to die every try, every night. One night MR could have the Stomach on 50% and the other they could just not get that bloody eye down. Guild after guild killed C'Thun and soon MR felt as they where alone with this tragedy among the EGI guilds. The motivation and activity where soon strongly affected which only negatively affected the guild greater.

What you should know here is that Banedon the unwavering raidleader who had taken MR through not only Molten Core but also Blackwing Lair, Zul'Gurub and Ruins of Ahn'Qiraji had resigned as Guild Master and the excellent raidleader he had been. He also dropped from very active to a very casual Paladin. And Banedon was not just a GM, many times had he been proving himself on both healmeters and strategics. He also possessed possibly the best healing gear for a Paladin on the server and out bidded both, to their dismay, Priests, Paladins and Druids on item after item, week after week. It certainly raised a few voices but it was taken with a pinch of salt, he was, if not the best, at least one of the best healer there was after all. This time there was no real dramatic reason behind the change of GM, Banedon was tired of it and wanted to spend more time with his family, he was also somewhat tired of the democratic way the officer handled things. He wanted the best of the best, nothing less, which he had been proving a few times buy kicking people he thought demotivated the guild and his raids, people he simply thought didn't contributed enough.

With a lovingly resignpost [1] and a load of -thank you for your hard work- responses from the MR community he temporarily passed over the leadership to Firahin which he also suggested as his successor but with an already set date for a proper GM vote. Firahin also took over as raid leader with help from various officers(Jaleel, Triplex, Poena(Human Priest), Tova(Gnome Mage, old Eb)).


With C'thun unkilled, alive and defying like a thorn stuck in the eyeball, MR enters Naxxramas(Naxx)

Luckily Firahin had had some practice in the whole AQ40, specially on Twin Emperors and C'thun-tries, but he was far from the experience Banedon had. Also, Banedon had a way with words that where, I wouldn't say manipulativ but something in that direction, which of course put a heavy responsibility on Firahin to live up to. With the confidence kick from various AQ kills and a huge support from the officer he gave it his best.

Puhupux won a tight GM vote between Firahin and him. Puhupux had been an officer since long and had some experience in raid leading but never on Teamspeak(TS), when he was chosen as a GM it was more or less demanded by him to start using TS actively. He was using a microphone from his great uncle's father that he had stolen from him as an infant, so very few could hear what he was saying but it was a start to a great pair of raid leaders.

While in Naxx they lead MR in a wonderful speed, boss after boss fell like gnome underwear. After just a few weeks Spiderwing were cleared together with a few of the simpler bosses in other wings, yet C'thun remained alive even though a considerable amount of evenings where dedicated to his death. Problem was that, just by happenstance, lots of people had to visit their sick grandmas and dying horses at those nights. The motivation was there(in most members), but the strength was not. Though combined with a lot of potions and finally some individual focus, C'thun came closer and closer to his doom to finally at an unforgetful evening, perish at the 7th of August 2006, four months after their first encounter.

Emotional evening to the least, even Sotg sent a few congratulations and finally, fucking finally was in everybody's mind.

More to come!

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