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Formed in early 2006, Midnight Reign was the lovechild of several friends who live close together that has now expanded to include new friends, allies, and generally high-quality individuals.

This guild was formed on Dragonmaw. It is dedicated towards enjoying and experiencing content, not necessarily at any set pace or with any concrete procedure; occasionally we may run with other guild with similar goals to facilitate the requirement of seeing this content. End game instances, raids, PvP, and Ventrilo tomfoolery are abundant in MR. We are always open to interesting folk who display a good deal of character and come with some semblance of skill with their class(es). To fill out an application go to Not yet implemented For more information you can contact Graywolf, Chanigan, Alisonlayne in game.

Guild progress Edit

  • Minimal progress in WotLK end-game; members are still enjoying 70-80.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Burt and a group of friends. After growing to a considerable size they started attempting Endgame raids with the assistance of another guild on Dragonamw. After much failure they decided to sever ties with the other guild and to focus on less number-intensive content. This continued until The Burning Crusade launch when member took an active role in assisting one another to fully explore all 60-70 had to offer. During TBC's tenure, MR achieved such successes as Farming Karazhan, Clearing Zul'Aman, and taking early steps into The Eye. Eventually the guild settled into the sleepy hum-drum of dailies, badge farming, and alt-leveling. Now, with the release of Wrath of the Lich King, MR stands poised to aggressively expand on the solid foundation of dedicated core members and into open recruitment for endgame raiding.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • TBA

Guild rules Edit

  • Don't be a douchebag.
  • Honor commitments (Raid Times, etc.)
  • Handle interactions with others with utmost maturity; you represent all of us in Midnight Reign.

Officers Edit

Graywolf, Guildmaster 
Burt. On temporary hiatus from the game.
Alisonlayne, Interim Guildmaster 
Chanigan, Baron 
All-around cool dude. Talk to him about recruitment.
Warphan, Baron 
King D-bag. Just kidding.

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