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Horde 32

Guild Information Edit

Midnight is a Horde guild on the Mal'Ganis realm. Midnight's focus is primarily on high end PvE content and has cleared all TBC content.

Raids are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 PM - 10 PM server time (PST). Saturday is currently used as makeup day, should it be needed.

Officers: Hozz (GM), Thunghar, Xeno, Catastrophe, Endar/Satanford

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Guild Progression Edit

Black Temple Edit

Boss Status Date
High Warlord Naj'entus Dead July 21, 2007
Supremus Dead July 22, 2007
Shade of Akama Dead July 22, 2007
Teron Gorefiend Dead August 11, 2007
Gurtogg Bloodboil Dead September 2, 2007
Reliquary of Souls Dead September 9, 2007
Mother Shahraz Dead September 29, 2007
Illidari Council Dead September 30, 2007
Illidan Stormrage Dead October 13, 2007

Mount Hyjal Edit

Boss Status Date
Rage Winterchill Dead July 21, 2007
Anetheron Dead August 2, 2007
Kaz'rogal Dead August 2, 2007
Azgalor Dead August 12, 2007
Archimonde Dead August 23, 2007

Tempest Keep Edit

Boss Status Date
Al'ar Dead June 30, 2007
High Astromancer Solarian Dead June 30, 2007
Void Reaver Dead June 3, 2007
Kael'Thas Sunstrider Dead July 15, 2007

Serpentshrine Cavern Edit

Boss Status Date
Hydross the Unstable Dead May 6, 2007
The Lurker Below Dead May 13, 2007
Leotheras the Blind Dead June 3, 2007
Fathom-Lord Karathress Dead May 26, 2007
Morogrim Tidewalker Dead June 2, 2007
Lady Vashj Dead June 24, 2007

Gruul's Lair Edit

Boss Status Date
High King Maulgar Dead February 18, 2007
Gruul the Dragonkiller Dead March 22, 2007

Karazhan Edit

Boss Status Date
Attumen the Huntsman Dead --
Moroes Dead --
Maiden of Virtue Dead --
Opera Dead --
The Curator Dead --
Shade of Aran Dead --
Terestian Illhoof Dead --
Netherspite Dead --
Prince Malchezaar Dead --
Nightbane Dead --

Naxxramas Edit

Wing Boss Status Date
Spider Anub'Rekhan Dead September 16, 2006
Spider Grand Widow Faerlina Dead September 17, 2006
Spider Maexxna Dead October 1, 2006
Plague Noth the Plaguebringer Dead September 23, 2006
Plague Heigan the Unclean Dead October 27, 2006
Plague Loatheb 100% --
Deathknight Instructor Razuvious Dead September 22, 2006
Deathknight Gothik the Harvester 100% --
Deathknight Four Horsemen 100% --
Abomination Patchwerk Dead October 7, 2006
Abomination Grobbulus Dead October 7, 2006
Abomination Gluth Dead November 19, 2006
Abomination Thaddius 100% --

Ahn'Qiraj Edit

Boss Status Date
Skeram Dead February 2, 2006
Bug Trio Dead February 21, 2006
Battleguard Sartura Dead March 5, 2006
Fankriss Dead March 19, 2006
Viscidus 85% --
Princess Huhuran Dead April 9, 2006
Twin Emperors Dead July 2, 2006
Ouro Dead October 1, 2006
C'Thun Dead September 14, 2006

Blackwing Lair Edit

Boss Status Date
Razorgore Dead October 27, 2005
Vaelastrasz Dead November 22, 2005
Broodlord Lashlayer Dead November 23, 2005
Firemaw Dead November 23, 2005
Ebonroc Dead November 29, 2005
Flamegor Dead November 29, 2005
Chromaggus Dead December 8, 2005
Nefarian Dead January 28, 2006

Molten Core Edit

Boss Status Date
Lucifron Dead April 17, 2005
Magmadar Dead April 30, 2005
Gehennas Dead May 7, 2005
Garr Dead May 20, 2005
Baron Geddon Dead May 22, 2005
Shazzrah Dead May 29, 2005
Sulfuron Harbinger Dead May 29, 2005
Golemagg Dead May 29, 2005
Majordomo Executus Dead June 19, 2005
Ragnaros Dead September 2, 2005

World and Misc. Encounters Edit

Boss Status Date
Magtheridon Dead April 12, 2007
Doom Lord Kazzak Dead June 30, 2007
Doomwalker Dead June 30, 2007
Azuregos Dead October 3, 2005
Kazzak Dead January 29, 2006
Taerar Dead January 29, 2006
Ysondre Dead March 18, 2006
Emeriss Dead April 7, 2006
Lethon Dead August 21, 2006
Onyxia Dead May 21, 2005

Current Active Roster Edit

Druid Edit


Hunter Edit


Mage Edit


Paladin Edit


Priest Edit


Rogue Edit


Shaman Edit


Warlock Edit


Warrior Edit


Recruitment Edit

Midnight is currently recruiting. BT and Hyjal attunement is a huge plus, but exceptional players of any attunement status are encouraged to apply. Currently we are looking for a resto druid, holy paladin, shadow priest, mage, and resto shaman. We may consider exceptional applicants of other specs and classes.

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