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Guild:Midgaard (Shattered Halls EU)

1. Overview Edit

This guild was first created as a small guild of friends. We are not a hardcore guild, meaning we don't waste our life playing the game. We are only guilty of wasting some of it. We play this game for what it is and because we feel good playing together. We play when we can, so nobody should expect to find us online at 4 a.m.

Each of us plays this game in a different manner because each of us pays with his/her own money. If we are able to do things together and have a good time while we’re at it, the result is all the more important.

Once again, we are casuals. Casuals who cleared difficult content while only using their brains... We didn't wipe tens of times in order to learn a fight. We do not boost in principle. We take care of our own, but only if the others get something out of it as well. Yes, we wiped a bit while downing the Lich King... but that's pretty normal, right?

2. Progression Edit

As far as the PVE goes, anyone that clicks on our website can see the progression.

For an in-depth look, you can go and search for us on WoWProgress or directly at Midgaard - WoWProgress

3. Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is open. We welcome new players daily. However, in order to get into the guild, one mustn't hunt for the guild leader or the officers online. The only way to be accepted is to fill in the Application Forms on our website. We started recruiting more people so that content requiring more players could be conquered easier. We still need people, as we do not practice a standard core for raids. In order to maintain this, tanks and healers are welcome to join. There is no real raiding core. You do not have to pug if you want to get into a raid. There are usually enough players online to begin your own ICC 10 men normal without any more help. Well, you could do a lot better if there were some more tanks and healers in the guild.

One can get all the information one needs on the site. If there is something that went unanswered, it's easy to do a /who Midgaard in the game.

No matter what happens, do not forget to have fun!

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