This article is a guild information page for MerCenary Legion of Quel'Thalas Europe.

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MerCenary Legion is a casual guild of family and friends; both real-world and on-line. They are mostly a PvE guild although they have been known to engage in PvP from time to time. Recruitment happens via Sponsorship only at this time. There are no level, class etc. requirements, but players must be Horde.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed as a continuation of a BF2 and Joint Operations Clan. It is a social guild dedicated towards friendly social interaction and it is quite common that higher level Guild members will assist lower level members with quests and instances. Members are encouraged to play whatever builds they like.

Guild progress Edit

Outland: Reputation grinding by various members in preparation for Heroic Mode Instance runs. Currently running Karazhan and doing well.

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