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Memento Vivere is a social raiding guild with an emphasis on friendly interaction and not taking it all too seriously.

This guild was formed on Turalyon in 2007. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only retain people that interact well with others, its not all about the epix! We are not a raiding guild but we do enjoy raiding, though our raiding calendar starts later than most as we like to get the most out of expansions...we are in for the long haul, so why rush. We are not a strict guild and members are actively encouraged to play the game as they see fit; which contributes to a happy guild. Individual choice is available, expecting to be boosted through everything is not.

We very rarely recruit however we tend to acquire people through guild members or general exchanges. Human interaction is the main emphasis here. It doesn’t matter about Ilvl it’s the person behind the pixels that counts.

Alts and low levels are very welcome.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Drayton (Daffydo) and Estella as a bolt hole when a previous guild started collapsing. After pulling in numerous friends and alts we started expanding randomly with mostly friends of friends, family members and randoms found drifting.

It is now a home for a wide range of people and hunters pets.

Guild rules Edit

  • Social guild with social rules. Getting along with the rest of the guild is a must!
    Importance = Personal interaction skills > uberleet dps
  • Raid attendance isn't required, but if you do want to raid then you will need to pull your own weight, and have teamspeak & DBM installed.
  • You will have to be over 18 to get into MV: most people are an immature 30+
  • Enjoy your game and be proud of wearing the tabard even if it is blue ;)

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