This article is a guild information page for Memento Mori of Bloodhoof Europe.

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Overview Edit

Memento Mori (A) is a PVE guild on Server:Bloodhoof Europe, the guild was created Nov 2007.

We're friendly guild that is ultimately more a community of family & friends who know how to enjoy the game, know what to take seriously and what not to take seriously, and how to take care of business when the time comes. We raid seriously three nights per week regularly and sometimes more. If you want to make an application to our guild please visit our homepage. Avg. age is around 25-30 and we try to keep a mature environment of old kids, we're currently recruiting and need more silly people to fill our ranks.


We're currently recruiting, visit our homepage for more info

Regular ScheduleEdit

  • Tuesday, 20:00 - 23.30 ST
  • Thursday, 20:00 - 23.30 ST
  • Sunday, 20:00 - 23.30 ST

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