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History Edit

Formed in March 2007, Mediocre Prodigies was the inevitable rendezvous of old friends from other games/servers. The guild started with 5 people with almost a decade of playing time together from an old MUD, 2 more from an old CS clan, and 3 former Faust&Turdy's. With that happy team, we went and cleared Karazhan and indirectly caused the collapse of Clan Wulf and Reprisals Call when some of their their members wanted our sparkling epics. The rest of the guild consists of powerleveled or bought accounts and people with amazingly huge neckbeards from Denmark.

Raiding Edit

We raid 3-4 times a week depending on how many of our casuals show up, if we don't get a raid that day we spend the next day whining on forums and threatening to gkick people. We use officer dkp which means we give loot to random people unless any officers need it and then we make up a random number and say that's your dkp today. Women earn half dkp for raiding since they are not real humans.

Achievements and Goals Edit

As we're done with the tank&spank bosses in SSC/TK and are starting on the hard ones, we honestly don't expect the guild to last until Christmas. Atleast we have enough epics now to look good when we AFK in Alterac Valley. Other achievements have been spelling out RET LOL in the guildbank and we're proud to say that only 1 of the 10 original members have quit after being called an asshole.

Officers Edit

  • Cercei
  • Fezzick
  • Graxhorn
  • Iznogoud
  • Krasar
  • Snuffs
  • Valkrye
  • Welshy
  • Wilbur

Contact Information Edit

Guild Forums

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