This article is a guild information page for May Contain of The Underbog US.

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General Info Edit

May Contain is a casual PvP guild with a few members and a lot of cheese eating. We are a crafting guild and generally use our wares to raise money for the greater good of the guild. We have a policy of not ganking unless provoked and taking long walks in the sunset.

This guild was formed on The Underbog US. We are currently not recruiting, but are always willing to form a partnership with other like minded guilds. Please contact the guild master, Walnuts to discuss any matters.

Guild Events Edit

May Contain holds several geekends a year to run instances. We generally can run about 3-5 instances during a geekend. During this time, it is generally not acceptable to go outside and see the sun as it has been known to burn.

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a casual mature guild and everyone is expected to have fun and be kind, rewind.
  • There is a strict naming schema, if you don't get the pun, don't ask to be in the guild.

Officers Edit

Walnuts, Regional Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for all guild related questions and if you would like some cheese.
Buckeye, Assistant to the Regional Guildmaster 
The guild's resident expert on all things related to and involving cheese.
Chestnuts, Abassador to the Druids of Howard Dean 
Generally not found roasting anything on an open fire.
Peanuts, Stenographer 
Guild scout and offerer of sacrificial pets so that we all may live.

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