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Master Brewers

Alliance 32 Master Brewers Edit

Master Brewers a WoW Alliance side guild on the European server Trollbane. We are a fun loving guild of friendly people from all over Europe and we all enjoy a good drink. We play for the fun of the game and are currently dipping our toes in the endgame content of WoW. Our play time is generally focused from 8pm Game Time onwards as many of our guild have professional lives to lead... well some.

We have a lively teamspeak server and always have humorous stories and jokes going on to keep raids fun. We aren't afraid to wipe and we aim to maintain our standard of well run but still entertaining raids.

The guild is lead by:

  • Malkar

And his team of officers:

  • Optec, Biaseddonkey, Garandor
  • Conchel, Shawney and Kalindo

We are currently recruiting Druids and hunters apply on our forum

History Edit

Master Brewers was initially formed on the Bloodscalp server by players from the Fight Club outfit on Planetside. The guild swelled its numbers and initial successes when the 'Bears of Azeroth', and '12 Monkeys' guilds were incorporated into the drunken throng.

The guild went from strength to strength as we started to reach endgame content, beat it, and continued to drink a lot of beer. Eventually we became one of the biggest and most successful alliance guilds on bloodscalp.

Bloodscalp was eventually too overpopulated so the guild transferred to the new pastures of Trollbane to continue its endeavors, unfortunately moving so many people meant some were left behind, thankfully this wasn't for long. Progress continued, and the Brewers reached what was then their finest hour, clearing MC and taking its first attempts against BWL.

But there were too many conflicting interests and attitudes in the guild, with some members wanting hardcore raiding, and others wanting to remain in a relaxed playing environment. After much debate a splinter guild formed within the Brewers, the DotP (Defenders of the Pint) specifically for the more hardcore members.

This turned out to be the worst decision the brewers ever made, as there were not enough hardcore players to beat the endgame in DotP, and it created a rift in the guild that grew with each week. The brewers entered its darkest hour as players with conflicting needs and agenda's began a mass exodus, despite the best efforts of the officers, and all our hard work became lost. More members left over coming weeks, the forums were bleak, and the Brewers were a shadow of their former glory. At its lowest point barely a handful of veteran and founding members remained.

But, in testament to the strength of the guild, and the spirit that caused a few like minded drunks to found MB in the first place the guild didn't disband. The determination and exceptional efforts of those who remained, especially those who stepped in as new officers allowed us to try and reorganise and rebuild the guild.

We still had a good name for ourselves, and advertising ourselves as 'a fun casual guild, that enjoys a drink, and is aiming for endgame', we recruited heavily, but maintained a standard that people could play how they want, when they want, as long as they are polite, fun, and enjoyed drunken raids.

After several months, and the recent addition of 'The Killer Bunnies' guild, the Master Brewers are stronger than ever. We have almost reclaimed every achievement we previously had, along with many new ones. The bond of friendship, socialbility is much greater, and our endgame achievements go from strength to strength.

With each new boss killed, new dungeon defeated, and hilarious screenie taken, we prove that a pint, a sense of humour and good teamwork outweigh 'raiding 6 nights a week or a DKP fine' any day of the week.

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