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Manutius is a very dedicated but also very casual PvE guild.

Overview Edit

Manutius is a guild aimed at achieving precisely nothing, beyond playing for fun, without pressure, and without expectations from or of others. Please see our Recruitment section for more details.

Guild Charter Edit

We aren't a raiding-guild-in-waiting. We're not aiming to recruit enough people to tackle X or Y - we've done that in the old content and passed up the option of doing it in the new, not because we think we can do it better but because we don't want to do it. We aren't a levelling guild either. Low level characters are welcome - we have plenty of our own - but we're not here to hold people's hands. Low level runs happen, but expecting everyone to drop everything to boost you through Gnomeregan is likely to lead to disappointment.

We're all mature(ish), relaxed, friendly people who value social play above all else - a run where the highlight is a loot drop or rep gain rather than a laugh is a waste of an evening. Most of us are either looking forward to or trying to remember our 30th birthdays, most of us have lives (or at least full-time jobs) and some of us even seem to be breeding, surely against all sensible advice. As a group we like to think we can play pretty well, but all we expect from each other, and others, is a willingness to play considerately, as part of a team.

And finally. Yes, we're probably elitist in a kind of inverted way, and no, we don't care too much about that. We're also nice people, we currently have a warm and friendly environment and we'd like to preserve that.

Recruitment Status Edit

We are always looking for new players, regardles of class and level. As a member of Manutius, you'll fit our view of ourselves - mature, relaxed, with a sense of humour and an approach to WoW so laid-back that people occasionally prod you to check you're awake. You've probably achieved most or all of what you want to do in WoW, and are more likely to have tried raiding and either had enough or decided it wasn't for you than to have not reached that point yet. You're unlikely to have much interest in progress or development for your character, beyond natural leveling and questing. You can probably spell, at least in your native language, and recognise that lol isn't punctuation, in any language. Most of all you're looking to meet other players who don't see linking epic items as a substitute for conversation and who don't think the words Chuck Norris make anything hilarious. Please visit the Recruitment section of our forum for more details

Officers Edit

Khaddar, GuildMaster
Charney, Guild Master
Snowglow, Officer
Arwend, Officer
Feldeh, Officer
Stinkyhoof Officer

The guild management team can be reached in-game or by e-mail

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