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Malevolence Incarnate (MI) is an international Horde Horde 15 guild currently residing on the European realm Frostmane. The guild consists of many nationalities, most of which are Scandinavian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Serbian, Belgian, Romanian and the (very) odd Brit. The guild has previously had an IRL gathering, although it was only Danes who attended.

MI is known by its members to be very sociable and nice guild to be in. Although the tone can get hard, everyone knows that at the end of the day we are all good friends. The social element was one of the key factors for many old members when deciding to rejoin the guild for The Burning Crusade.


History Edit

MI was founded in the Spring of 2005 by Orlene, Mordaine, and Wargg from first-generation Dragonmaw players around levels 45-50, making MI one of the earliest horde guilds on the Dragonmaw realm. MI started raiding Molten Core in Spring 2005 and, while only managing one 'server first' (Kazzak), maintained a steady stream of Horde 15 server firsts through Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. During this time, it was the job of the guilds most talented player, Zanodious, to not only lead the DPS meters but also provide his unique take on events and keep morale high.

In late 2005 the guild master rank was reinforced by Spoc, who would become notorious for his use of odd smileys, and characteristic short sentences such as 'fouz', 'mjea', '19', and 'keng' (it was eventually revealed that these phrases came from a previous game he played with Troll Shaman 'Hooligan').

When Ahn'Qiraj opened MI was there to make progress. During this time Obie was promoted to officer and helped MI continue to progress up to and including the Twin Emperors in early summer 2006. As with some other guilds, attendance dropped significantly over the summer and MI went into hibernation. Many of the active raiders were accepted in Erratic (... Omega Point ... Enmity) and In Excelsis who achieved the only Horde 15 pre-TBC Kel'Thuzad kill on Frostmane.

With the release of The Burning Crusade, many of the original guild members, including the original GMs, expressed a desire to resume raiding together and MI returned from hibernation. Despite some encouraging early signs and progress in Karazhan, the additional discipline required for 25 man raids combined with additional real life responsibilities (starting careers, changing schools and summer slack once again) held back progress through Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep.

MI persisted through these lean times and, thanks to the strength and commitment of the new officers and raiders completed both SSC and TK pre-nerf and finally moved to Mount Hyjal and the Black Temple. Initial progress in both of these instance was very promising and, despite a few interruptions and resets along the way, MI completed the Black Temple 18th March 2008 - giving the guild precisely 2 days off the raid schedule before Sunwell Plateau hit!

MI performance in the Sunwell Plateau was distinctly underwhelming for some time and once more the summer slack added levels of excitement. Following an extensive recruitment and gearing-up programme during which the established raiders showed tremendous commitment, MI made progress in Sunwell with a Kalecgos kill on 3rd August.

While we continue to recruit and run BT, our focus has switched very much to Sunwell in order to complete as much as we can before Wrath of the Lich King.

Curiosities Edit

MI is very much an international guild with members from The United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Norway, Ireland, Serbia, Dubai, Romania and probably more since this posting.

MI completed SSC and TK with no restoration shaman.

Despite completing the Black Temple every week since 18th March MI has no Warglaives (cue sound of violins). The current theory is that they will not drop if we have Zehir in the raid...

MI classes seem to develop psychic connections so that we lose an entire class at a time - for example when one hunter goes on vacation the others seem disappear at the same time.

Efsane is 107 years old.

MI is fortunate enough to have one of the few Ashes of Al'ar on Frostmane which can still sometimes be seen around Shattrath city.

MI probably attuned more people for Mount Hyjal and the Black Temple than any other Horde guild on Frostmane.

PvE Progress Edit

Sunwell Plateau Edit

6/6 (2/6 prior to 3.0.2 Patch)

Black Temple Edit


Hyjal Summit Edit


Tempest Keep Edit


Serpentshrine Cavern Edit


Also killed Gruul the Dragonkiller and Magtheridon.

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