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General Info Edit

Server: Neptulon-EU

Side: Alliance 15 Alliance

Founded: May 2005.

Current Guild Master: Timotor

Roster: Armoury site for Magnus

DKP site: Magnus DKP site

Website: Magnus Guild Website

Forum: Magnus Guild Forum

Raiding Times: 19:00 - 00:00 Progression: Currently clearing Gruul's Lair.

IRC Channel: #Magnusguild @ QuakeNet

History Edit


Magnus' Guild Tabard

Magnus was born in May 2005, when a group of players were willing to achieve major goals inside the game.

In September 2005, Timotor, the founder and Guild Leader at that time decided to leave after reading Burning Crusade expansion would increase the level cap, just before the guild achieved it's first major goal, beating Ragnaros.

After several months under Corrupt's leading, the guild progressed through Blackwing Lair, and was the third guild who downed Nefarian on Neptulon.

With the apparition of AQ40, the two major guilds in the server suffered many drawbacks when some of their core members decided to take a break. This resulted in a feeding of best players from Magnus to those guilds.

When the guild had recovered from two very strong drawbacks, Naxxramas appeared, and it meant a killing kiss to the guild. Current leader at that time, Elgor, thought best solution was a merge. This merge didn't go as planed and ultimately lead to the shutdown of the guild.

  • -- Some members are planing to come back for the expansion, and it might mean the restart of a glorious guild..

Current Officer Staff Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Timotor Alliance 15 Neptulon Europe IconSmall Dwarf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Magnus Guild Leader
Vektrat Alliance 15 Neptulon Europe IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest 70 Magnus Officer
Djinn Alliance 15 Neptulon Europe IconSmall Night Elf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 70 Magnus Officer
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

WoW Movies made by our members Edit

Raids Edit

Tributes Edit

  • Member of Magnus Nicrolium giving a personal thanks to the guild. -- Rapidshare
  • Former member of Magnus Aetas made a morale boosting movie incorporated in a personal thanks to our first and eternal guildmaster Timotor. -- Rapidshare Part: 1 2 3
    • the last video is compressed with WinRar so you'll need to download it here. Then you just extract the first one and the videofile will be extracted from all of em.

Others Edit

  • Kaarsholm, once member of Magnus shows his holy priest pvp skills. -- Movie from

Newer History (TBC)Edit

As predicted, many former members of Magnus returned and reformed the guild when The Burning Crusade released, again under lead of Timotor. He and his group of Officers are yet again leading the force of Magnus to raid.

With renewed spirit the guild seeks to thrive as it once did, good luck people!

Recruitment Edit


Join Today!

We now have a complete raid setup for our guild. However Magnus might still need your help to reach even higher goals. In general our applicants must fulfill these demands:

  • Be level 70 and have key to Karazhan.
  • Want to play the game and have fun.
  • Take effort in learning their class and the game.
  • Have no problem with listening to orders and be on time.
  • Are mature and friendly.

Raiding Schedule:
From 19:00 to 00:00 max, Saturdays off, and some Fridays.

Raid Progression StatusEdit

Magnus' DKP site

Post BC StatusEdit

Karazhan status Attumen Maiden Moroes Opera Event Curator Illhoof Chess Event Shade Netherspite Prince Nightbane
Alliance 15 Magnus Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed Killed
Gruul's Lair status High King Maulgar Gruul the Dragonkiller
Alliance 15 Magnus Killed Killed

Pre BC Status Edit

Instance Boss Kills Optional/Alternate Boss 1 Optional/Alternate Boss 2 Optional/Alternate Boss 3
Naxxramas -
Ahn'Qiraj Fankriss the Unyielding
Blackwing Lair Farm Status
Molten Core Farm Status
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Farm Status
Zul'Gurub Farm Status

Guild Ranks Edit

In Magnus we have a ranking system that are made for one purpose, that purpose is to maintain the structure of the guild. This means that in general we have an officer rank and a member rank, alltough its a bit more complex if you take a look at it.

here follows ranking system from top to bottom:

  • Guild Master
  • Officer
  • Old School (1)
  • Member
  • Trialist
  • Lesser Lifeform (2)

- (1) Old School members often tend to be a rank given to a person that have been in the guild from the start, but have stopped playing, or play little. More of an honorary title.

- (2) While Lesser lifeform are a rank given to a person whos behavior over a period of time are unnacceptable. May also be given to player just for fun :D

Professions & Professionmasters Edit

What is a Professionmaster and what is their task?

  • The Profession Masters are those persons within the guild which are best equipped to suit our needs for each tradeskill, this meaning that these persons we choose to be Masters for each respective skill, already must have above basic knowledge about his tradeskill and the respective recipes for that profession.
  • The main idea is defined like this: take for instance an enchanter, the service to perform an enchant upon your item should not cost any money inguild, but the materials needed for the enchant should then be brought with, incase of buying the whole 'package' money will of course be involved to compensate for the materials used. Same goes for all others, ex. Alchemy and pots.
  • In Magnus we try to aid each other as much as possible, that's why we've developed this system. with this system we aim at being completely self-sufficient when it comes to providing items for our members. this list was originally posted at the forums, but i've allso added it here to show it.

Current Profession Masters

Alchemy Leatherworking Talior Blacksmith Engineering Enchanting Jewelcrafting
- - - - - - -

Alliance Crest

PvP Edit

Currently there are no official Magnus PvP teams, although we had such a team in the past, Fragnus. This team, Fragnus consisted of Magnus' Top-notch PvP'ers and played as a Preformed team in all available PvP scenarios. Today we aim at recreating Fragnus and restore the teams reputation.

Quotes Edit

Many Magnus members have made even more notable quotes during our time in Azeroth, and later Outlands. Here follows a list containing some of them.

  • The top Quote, being produced by our very own Kittie during yet another Onyxia farm run back in the days. Do i need to say more?


  • Another goodie comes from Eleonidas, while clearing karazhan. We have great fun, even tho we wipe a lot at places we shouldn't wipe;)

Eleonidas Quote

  • Magnus got epics ingame.
Magnus Epic!
Magnus, as most other guilds, have also encountered problems to motivate people to come to the progression raids.This is a promotional item made back in the days when Magnus were attempting to progress in Blackwing Lair.Tallisman of Magnus

Guild Messages Edit

When we renewed the guild at the start of The burning crusade Release we were reluctant to remove our old guild messages that had been in place for oh so many months. In an attempt to save em Aeriankork copied em to a file and later added em to the forum. Today the last remnant of these messages resides here:

Magnus Magnus Juniors
Full BWL and ofc MC is cleared .

Skeram the dread prophet has fallen with his hands downs . T he 3 nasty bugs are lying dead. Sartura the roflcopter deadmeat too

Huhuran is awaiting for our deadly arrival .

Powerstrike is happy kaira joined!!!!

Alt Guild of former Magnus Guild:

We all still miss our lovely guild chat :(

Hope you wont forget your time in Magnus, because I'm sure you had fun there :) One day we'll reunion(yeh that's a dream xD).

Server History: Twilight's Hammer -> Neptulon.

Don't be a stranger guys, Much love from Nicrolium and Co <3

Past Guild Masters Edit

Magnus has had many great leaders during the guilds long lifespan. Some of the guildmasters resided in the position only for a few moments, while others such as Timotor have lead the guild for a longer period of time. Even though some only had the position for a short while all have contributed emensely towards keeping the guild alive and making it what it is today. Here follows a chronological list of our former GM's from first to last.

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