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Lucid Silence (PvE Dalaran US) Edit

Lucid Silence is one of the most light-hearted and entertaining guilds on Dalaran! Created on February 27th 2006, this casual raiding guild has been making incredible progress. The dedication of its members is testimony to the real camaraderie that has developed between them. Formed from the ashes of a former guild's collapse, this group of light-hearted WoW players has one mission; to have FUN, plain and simple. Their senses of humor can be quite....shall we say, "odd" at times, but their wacky nature continues to attract new members every day. This is NOT a guild for the young or faint of heart, as guild chat can get quite "R", even "X" rated at times, so for those who are easily offended, this might not be the guild for you. Otherwise, feel free to stop by the forums and register to put in your application. Currently there are almost 90 guild members with 255 characters registered.

Guild Master: Delynda (title holder), Aarrgghh, Averlin, and Badgerheart

Ranking SystemEdit

The specifics of the Guild Rankings are undergoing reconstruction. The current ranks are, top to bottom:

Grand Poobah: (Guild Master)
Sr. Officer: (those sharing GM responsibilities with the GM)
Jr. Officer: (Junior Officer Core)
Sr. Member: The highest non-officer rank, this rank holds some of the most trusted members of the Guild. Only officers rank higher than these guildies.
Full Member: Those that have been in the Guild for over 2 weeks without having been spoken to about behavior, attitude, or other actions frowned on by the Guild.
New Member: Those members brand new to the Guild. All New Members are in a probationary period to see how they mesh with the Guild, how the Guild feels about them, and to determine trustworthiness.
Guild Pariah: A special rank made right after patch 2.3 and the inclusion of a Guild Vault to the game. This rank is specifically for people that have been found abusing the Vault, abusing other players, or need to be disciplined before other action is taken.
Sadist Painslut: Specifically reserved for those favorites of the previous guild leader (SisterSadist) and Officers. These people are deemed "special".
MIA: Reserved for those who take a hiatus from WoW or haven't logged in for several months.


We currently have 1 major Team for raiding Karazhan each and every week (usually 3 times at least). A 2nd Team of solid, reliable players is in the works as this is typed. Team 1 has cleared to Prince. For more information about the Guild's raiding, our rules, and the minimum requirements we feel needed to raid Kara, please visit our website:


Lucid Silence is always actively recruiting new members. We are currently putting extra emphasis on Tanks (druids and warriors especially) but are not turning away any other classes. We are alt friendly, as several of our members have alts in the guild. We are a mature oriented Guild, so only special exceptions are made for the occasional teenager that applies. If you wish to fill out an application, please go to the website and fill one out. Our Officers will be in touch with you in-game after you have done so.

Lucid Silence [New Guild Website]

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