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<loves orange soda> is a guild of about 8 real life friends who all decided to roll Horde on Azgalor US. They raid casually, sticking to 10 mans and heroics. Technically, they don't actively recruit, but on occasion they will pick up spectacular and interesting guildless players that they encounter in pugs. There is no website, but if you're interested in contacting us, whether it be cleaning up your neighborhood or entertaining your next child's birthday party, you can talk to any one of the consistent members listed below.

Its also been unanimously voted by its members as the best guild on the server whose name is based on affection for carbonated beverages, and references to old Nickelodeon shows.

Consistent Members: Cansei, Strume, Stovepipe, Thoreas, Guse/Tyrannize, Stratavarius, Bagle(Tîwaz)

Recent Additions: Jzu, The Sak Attack (Sakxzz, Galdrea

Friends of <los>: Delaria, Flumox, Zaziel

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