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Alliance 32 Overview Edit

Lost Soldier of Darkness is a casual raiding guild originally founded on Stormrage at the release of World of Warcraft. In January of 2007, LSD moved to Area 52 due to server instability and overpopulation issues on Stormrage. Since then, LSD has prospered and thrived in both raid progression and membership. Please see our current raid progress below.

For more information, please visit our website at

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Guild Progress Edit

Alliance 15 25man Raid Instances
Gruul's Lair Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern The Eye Hyjal Summit The Black Temple Sunwell Plateau
Gruul the Dragonkiller Magtheridon Lady Vashj Kael'Thas Sunstrider Archiemonde Illidan

Kill shots are available on our website for all of the above

History Edit

Lost Soldiers of Darkness is an association of Online Gamers that have come together to form a family of sorts. While LSD is composed of several divisions within different MMO games, the guild itself has quite a history of its own being founded in the original release of Neverwinter Nights over a decade ago. From the beginning, our members have strived to make their guild a recognized member of the online gaming community in such games as Everquest Live, Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, Neverwinter Nights (both the original and latest release) as well as our current divisions in World of Warcraft and Warhammer(Coming Soon). In every realm we occupy, we portray an entity of honor and justice. If you are an online gamer who seeks a guild with such attributes and fortitude, you are invited to apply for membership in one of our active divisions.

Games we are currently active in: World of Warcraft, Warhammer (Coming Soon)


  • January 2007 - The Lost Soldiers of Darkness moved from Stormrage to Area 52.
  • Summer 2007 - The Lost Soldiers of Darkness merged with members of The New Cold and Order of the Shield

Raiding Information Edit

  • SSC / TK / Mag - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST
  • Karazhan / ZA - Off Nights
  • Gruul - Off Nights

DKP - LSD currently uses a zero-sum DKP system. Essentially members who are more negative in points are less due for loot than those who are more positive in DKP points. DKP is currently used on end game progression nights. (SR unit hosted) The standard need/greed system is used for raids run on off nights.

Serpent Riders Unit - (SR) is composed of guild members who strive for end progression and who consistently commit their time and resources to achieving success in end game content. Members of this unit are required to maintain a 75% attendance rate out of the days designated as SR nights - currently Mon/Tues/Thurs. SR members are also expected to be fully stocked prior to each raid, on time, fully read up on strategies for bosses, and able to stay for the duration of the raid night.

Order of the Shield - (OS) is composed of guild members who approach end game raiding casually. Members of this unit are those who cannot consistently commit their time and resources but would still like to experience end game content. New guild members also start out as members of this unit until they express interest in joining the SR and display their commitment to the requirements therein.


  • Do members of the OS get to raid with the SR and vice versa? 
    Absolutely! SR hosted raids often contain members from the OS unit as members of the SR are not always able to attend and vice versa.
  • Where is the priority on invites given with there being two units? 
    Priority on raid invites to SR hosted raids is of course given to SR unit members. Should a position be available on any given raid night, then members of the OS are more than welcome to join. OS hosted raids are open to all members of the guild, alts included.
  • Isn't this just a more glorified way of designating the A team from the B team? 
    Not necessarily. Membership in either unit is based on the person's ability to commit their time and resources necessary for end game progression.
  • Why have the two units? 
    Having both the SR and OS units provides opportunities to members of LSD to experience content on their own terms. As a real life first guild, having the two units provides us the means to fulfill each of our member's raiding needs. Furthermore, this system maintains a pool of players capable of tackling end game content.

Guild Rules Edit

... in progress

  • Real life comes first above all.

Officers Edit

  • DGM - Aten 
    Current Guild Master
  • DAGM - Sanierdra 
    Current Assistant Guild Master
  • HC - Bettyrae, Acacia, Talamon, Garthin, Ashanya, Feeber, Rolento 
    Current supporting guild officers, raid leaders, and recruiters.

Recruitment Edit

  • Hunters - Closed
  • Rogues - Closed
  • Warriors - Closed
  • Druids - Resto
  • Mages - Limited
  • Warlocks - Limited
  • Priests - Closed
  • Shaman - Resto
  • Paladins - Holy

Please note that though certain classes may be closed, exceptional applications are always considered. We strive to recruit players and people who will help to make the guild stronger so that it may continue on for several more years.

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