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Lost Society is a semi-hardcore PvE end-game raiding guild formed on Shattered Halls Europe server during [3.2] as an offspring of one of the oldest guilds on the server - Cause And Effect when it completely ceased raiding activity as of Trial of the Crusader due to differences in opinions about raiding between core raiding group and the leaders.

Guild is raiding three to four days a week, with offdays being used as a time to organize pvp, alt and achievement raids. Our central ethos is "Hard core raiding on a casual schedule", and we strive to had a solid and mature community underpinning the raiding activities.

We currently raid from 8:15pm to 11:30pm server time on Sunday to Wednesday.

History Edit

Guild started off with Ulduar 10-man, Trial of the Crusader 10 and 25-man and Trial of the Grand Crusader 10-man cleared. The very core of the guild was made by most active and experienced raiders of Cause And Effect and rounded up with various recruits coming from different guilds on the server. Due to very high focus on hardcore end-game raiding, not possible in the former guild, Lost Society started progressing quickly, climbing in the server progression rankings rapidly. At the end of patch 3.2 it was noted as a top 5 guild with Trial of the Grand Crusader cleared with A Tribute to Mad Skill (10 player) achievement and four bosses down in Trial of the Grand Crusader 25-man. Also, on off-days two 10-player groups managed to finish leftover hardmodes from patch 3.1, gaining Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player). In patch 3.3 we progressed well in close competition with other top guilds on this server, under the raiding leadership of Mulk and Prettycool. Clearing all 10-man content, and all 25-man except for Arthas (heroic). In the process we earned Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player) and Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player) for all our raiding roster and 3 Shadowmourne axes.

When Cataclysm came, we underwent a large number of membership changes, but were able to rebuild to the guild we are today under the raid leading of Wyrmskull and Tutancamon. In the course of patch 4.0.6 & patch 4.1 we rose to become the top ranked 25-man guild on Shattered Halls Europe, and the only guild to down the heroic versions of Nefarian and Cho'gall. While we tried as hard as we could though, Sinestra (tactics) proved our match, and remained undefeated at the end of content patch.

We are currently pushing our way through the new patch 4.2 raiding content, and have cleared the normal 25-man version of Firelands. We are looking forward to getting our teeth into the heroic modes in the weeks to come...

Progression Edit

Patch 4.2
Encounter 25-man Normal 25-man Heroic
Shannox Killed video Not Killed
Beth'tilac Killed video Not Killed
Lord Rhyolith Killed video Not Killed
Alysrazor Killed video Not Killed
Baleroc Killed Not Killed
Majordomo Staghelm Killed video Not Killed
Ragnaros Killed video Not Killed
Patch 4.0.6
Encounter 25-man Normal 25-man Heroic
Council of the Four Winds Killed Killed
Al'Akir Killed Not Killed
Magmaw Killed Killed
Omitron Defence System Killed Killed
Maloriak Killed Killed
Chimeron Killed Killed
Atramedes Killed Killed
Nefarian Killed Killed
Halfus Wyrmskull Killed Killed
Valiona & Theralion Killed Killed
Ascendant Council Killed Not Killed
Cho'gall Killed Killed
Sinestra N/A Not Killed
Patch 3.3
Encounter 10-man Normal 10-man Hard 25-man Normal 25-man Hard
Lord Marrowgar Killed video Killed video Killed video Killed
Lady Deathwhisper Killed video Killed video Killed video Killed
Gunship Battle Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Deathbringer Saurfang Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Festergut Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Rotface Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Professor Putricide Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Blood Princes Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Queen Lana'thel Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Valthiria Dreamwalker Rescued video Killed Rescued video Killed
Sindragosa Killed video Killed Killed video Killed
Lich King Killed video Killed Killed Not Killed

Officers Edit

Name Race Class Rank
Gorbag Orc Shaman Guild Leader
Krycek Tauren Shaman Healing Officer
Wyrmskull Orc Death Knight Raid Leader
Tutancamon Orc Shaman Raid Leader
Jafba Tauren Warrior Officer
Deaveux Blood Elf Paladin Officer
Neara Blood Elf Paladin Recruitment Officer

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