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Armory LinkEdit

Los Supremos


  • <Los Supremos> is a guild that reformed from <The Supremacy> when the leader (Dbuckk) had his account hacked. We are a WotLK, 10-man, semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on clearing Icecrown Citadel content. We are also currently planning on having one of our guild members being one of the server first wielders of Shadowmourne, the legendary axe available from a long quest chain that will be available once the Lich King fight has been released.


Here is a list of the classes/specs that we are currently recruiting:

Death Knight: None

Druid: Restoration, Balance, or Feral DPS

Hunter: Survival or Marksman

Mage: None

Paladin: Holy

Priest: Shadow or Holy

Rogue: Combat

Shaman: None

Warlock: Any

Warrior: Protection



Vault of Archavon- 3/3

The Obsidian Sanctum- 1/1

Naxxramas- 15/15

Eye of Eternity- 1/1

Ulduar- 7/14

Trial of the Crusader- 5/5

Trial of the Grand Crusader- 2/5

Icecrown Citadel- 4/4 (this number will be updated as additional bosses are released)


Note: We haven't done any full guild 25-mans due to the need of recruits, however, our core 10 man teams have half-PUGged the following:

Vault of Archavon- 3/3

The Obsidian Sanctum- 1/1

Naxxramas- 15/15

Eye of Eternity- 0/1

Ulduar- 0/14

Trial of the Crusader 5/5

Trial of the Grand Crusader- 1/5

Icecrown Citadel- 1/4 (this number will be updated as additional bosses are released)

Current ProgressionEdit


Trial of the Grand Crusader

Icecrown Citadel


  • Still Recruiting: Once we have a core 25-man team we will start with Trial of the Crusader then move straight to Icecrown Citadel



Class: Paladin

Main Spec: Protection PvE

Off Spec: Retribution PvP

The Chosen Few (Officers)Edit









To Be RecruitedEdit

  • Contact any of the above listed officers.
  • /who the guild name and ask anyone who is online, if that person isn't high enough rank to recruit ask someone else on the list.

Ex: /who Los Supremos

    • We may make exceptions to the list above of what classes we need if you are a very experienced WotLK raider and you are also very geared. Alts are always except-able, but you must raid on your main unless your alt is geared for the raid we are doing and knows his/her position for each encounter.

Raid TimesEdit

  • Raids can occur at any time throughout the week. With 3.3 we are trying to set up a special day for the Weekly Raid quest unless the Weekly Raid objective is a boss in one of our 10-man progression raids.
    • The one fixed raid time that will be constant week-after-week is 5:00 PM Server Time (West Coast) on Wednesdays. If you want to make our core 25-man team you must show up to these raids. Note that even if you show up and you signed up, position in raids is not guaranteed and goes in the following priority:

"Core" > "Signed up on calendar" > "Other guild members" > "PUG"

      • Since the 5 PM on wednesday raid is our current progression raid it is also not guaranteed that we will finish it on that wednesday night. Clean up raids will be decided on before leaving group/vent and will be posted on the calendar. Position for clean up raids goes by the following:

"Was there at the beginning" > "Core" > "Signed up but wasn't there at beginning" > "Other guild members" > "PUG"

More Recruitment StuffEdit

As we plan our guild raids we often find it difficult to get healers and DPS, but rarely tanks. So the above list will be broken yet again if you are a very experienced and very geared WotLK healer or DPS. Once we have more healers and DPS we can easily get a core, full guild 25-man raid started to begin our progression of 25 man instances. Until we have a 25-man group going however, feel free to PUG any 25 man raid if you don't make our guild half-PUGs


As the title suggests we are a guild on the Crushridge US PvP realm. Also the emblems at the top do tell you correctly that we are on the Horde side. If you're on that realm and you qualify for Icecrown raid content feel free to whisper us and see if you're class/spec is currently being recruited.

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