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Lollipop is a family-friendly guild who focuses on exploring the new content in WotLK.

We are currently recruiting selected classes for our 10 and 25 man Icecrown Citadel runs! To fill out an application go to our website and click "Apply to this guild" from the link on the left.

For more information you can contact Wralen, Kostya, Gwashington, or Rakandir in game.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Wralen and his friends from the Kael'thas server. Lollipop was successful in 10 man content, but something was missing. Luckily, our 25 man PUGs yielded a reliable guild that we liked to play with. Thus started an alliance and eventually a merger with Stormwind Republic. Lollipop then had the capacity to reliably raid in 25 man content and thus the progression started...

Raiding schedule Edit

All of our raids occur from 6:00 server until 9:00 server (utilizing the in-game calendar for specific details).

Loot Rules Edit

  • Lollipop uses the DKP loot system on our 25 man progression raids.
    • Everyone present during a 25 man progression raid will gain 1 DKP for starting on time, 2 DKP per boss kill, and 1 DKP per hour raided.
    • Loot from Progression instances will be distributed to the player who bids the highest amount of DKP on that item during a 35 second bidding period.
  • Loot from any instance that is on farm status will be given to the player who rolls the highest out of 100 by typing /roll.

Officers Edit

Lollipop has a variety of officers with various duties in day to day guild activities. Listed below are important officers for public relations as well as general information.

Wralen, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for information about the guild and how you can join.
Gwashington, Main Officer 
DKP admin and web author as well as general guild officiating.

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