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Loco Motives Horde 15Horde PvE Guild on Shattered Hand.

Guild Focus Edit

Loco Motives is a Swedish PVE guild, focusing on endgame and beating the new content that Blizzard throw at us. We have a very friendly atmosphere in the guild, several members have been with us since the start in feb 05, and has created a very unique feeling that has kept the guild as a solid unit. Like most guilds we fool around with alts, PvP and do a lot of other fun stuff.

Guild Progress Edit

Check out the guildprogresspage if you are intressted in the progress we made pre TBC.

History Edit

Loco Motives is a guild of brave adventurers who do not hesitate to engage in risky matters. The guild was formed when we all were once spawned into this mysterious world. In the beginning, the team was small but focused on their primary task: having fun. As spring turned into summer, the guild grew in size and was able to fight in the most deadly zones available.

As time passed and the once mighty green trees started shedding their leafs, the guild was formed into a great force to be reckoned with.

Even though we are now quite a large guild, we still try to keep up the feeling of being a happy and friendly guild. We will not look down upon those of us that choose to not participate in raids, and we will not require that you fight by our side for countless hours, even though we might appreciate it.

In the beginning of The Burning Crusade the guild took a break from raids after the very intense raiding schedule that we had in Naxxramas. This decision was made also becuase of the broken endgame in TBC, we felt that the reward per effort wasn't worth it. In Patch 2.1 Blizzard changed the state of the endgame, Loco Motives raidforce was once again awakened from its slumber to challenge the new content.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

We usually plan our raids to take place in the instance we've set our eyes on at the moment, trying to avoid to jump between different instances.

  • Monday, 6:30 PM Server
  • Tuesday, 6:30 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 6:30 PM server
  • Thursday, 6.30 PM server
  • Friday, No raid
  • Saturday No raid
  • Sunday 6.30 PM server (Optional, if we are close to progress we will use this day if we need more time on a encounter that is close to get beaten .

Officers Edit

Wir, Guildmaster 
AKA Wirex. Our old Guildmaster.
Carmak, Officer 
Casual at the moment.
Nargal, Officer 
AKA Vargon or Greyhoof. Raidleader,in charge of recruitment and official forums. Casual at the moment.
Greve, Officer 
AKA Count or Gasoline. Casual at the moment.
Lillders, Officer 
AKA Leela. Raidleader, overall officer.
Hotspot, Officer 
AKA Alcyone or Claptrap. Overall officer, DKP master. Guild forum moderator in charge of recruitment and raidleader.

Every Decision that is made is discussed between all officers, recruiting, new rules, guild matters etc.

Recruitment Edit

If you are Swedish and interested in joining Loco Motives, we advise you to visit our homepage at Loco Motives and read the instructions on how to apply. If you have any questions regarding the guild, don´t hesitate to ask anyone online in Loco Motives. You can also check out our public webpage but nowadays it´s mostly not up to date. Remember that during a raid, the chances of a proper answer might be low depending on what state the raid is in by that time.

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