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Overview Edit

lnertia is a Horde PvE casual raiding guild. The guild name is spelt with a lower-case "L", so that it looks like the word "Inertia". The guild was formed at around 7pm server time on June 9, 2006.

Prior to the Burning Crusade the guild had completed all of the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, Zul'Gurub, Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair.

A more detailed overview may be found on the guild website's about page.

Formation Edit

lnertia started out life as a group of Australian and Asian players on the Khaz'goroth server. After experiencing months of inactivity due to the extremely low population at peak Australian playtime on Kael'thas, Australian members of Lightwing Brood (Alliance) rerolled on Khaz'goroth. At the time this was the only Oceanic-tagged PvE server, and these players formed Darkwing Brood (Horde) on April 7, 2006.

Experiences on Khaz'goroth at the time were disappointing due to significant lag, server load issues and large login-queues. However, the higher population and consequently better social environment on the server reinforced the notion that an Oceanic server was indeed an improvement over the previous US server.

Towards the end of April the release of a new Oceanic server was announced and Darkwing Brood voted to reroll. Due to technical difficulties and other delays it would be another full month before the new Oceanic PvE realm was released. During this time the guild voted to rename themselves to "Inertia" (conventional spelling) when the new server was released, and members began advertising for applications on their old servers.

Pre-Expansion History Edit

Unfortunately, when the server was released on June 9, another player had registered the character name Inertia. The guild registration UI initially prevented the forming of a guild by the same name (which may have also resulted in a dispute at a later date). After around an hour's discussion in a shared channel, the guild eventually registered as lnertia, spelled with a lower-case 'L'.

After approximately two months, lnertia first attempted Zul'Gurub on August 11 with a raid consisting of four members under 60, including a level 54 druid. Many members had never experienced raiding before, and downing Venoxis and Jeklik was regarded internally as a substantial achievement. Progress in ZG remained steady, with Hakkar down on September 17.

Molten Core was a significant challenge for lnertia, because a fairly casual attitude towards raiding, coupled with low numbers, made attempting 40-man content somewhat difficult. The first attempt in MC saw Lucifron down with only 29 people in the raid (including no Shaman to receive the Shaman boots that dropped).

While progress continued to be made at a slow pace, some significant effort was eventually required to complete outstanding bosses in ZG, AQ and MC before the Burning Crusade expansion was released.

Despite generally attempting to keep a low profile and remain a casual raiding guild, lnertia attained a moderately high profile as a raiding guild on Aman'thul. This is likely due to being only one of four Horde guilds to complete Molten Core before the expansion release. The progression of other guilds may largely be attributed to a higher proportion of casual and pvp players Horde-side, however the exact reason is unknown. The release of the expansion and the opening of Aman'thul to transfers would later result in progression more in-line with that of other casual raiding guilds.

The Burning Crusade Edit

The release of the expansion had a significant impact on the guild. A combination of:

  • a number of players leaving the game due to dissatisfaction with it or other concerns,
  • players who progressed rapidly through the new content getting bored with the progress of the largely casual membership,
  • the sometimes long time to gear sufficiently to re-enter raiding and
  • the different raiding mentality in the expansion

has significantly slowed down initial progress.

lnertia entered Karazhan on February 23, 2007 and downed Attumen on the 24th. The guild ran a single Karazhan run for two months, during which time it cleared content up to the Curator. After this point, enough members were generally online during a given evening that running two Karazhan groups became a sustainable proposition, and the guild began running two full raids.

Raiding however has not been the main focus of the guild since the release of the expansion, as the addition of a large amount of small group content, heroic instances and reputation rewards has provided additional content for casual guilds.

Since Then Edit

We don't bother updating wikis.

Contact Info Edit

Guild Master: Marvin

Online: Edit

The easiest way to contact an officer of Inertia is to do a /who nertia in-game, and ask to be contacted by an officer.

Outside WoW Edit

Register an account and post a private message to Marvin on the guild forum.

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