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Living Wish Edit

Secret desire gone awry--
bound to witness all things die.
Roaming the world 'til it ends,
there's no limit to what magic bends.
- By Naff, Officer of Living Wish.

Information Edit

Server: Lothar {US}
Faction: Horde 15 Horde
Join Us:

About Us Edit

We are a close group of friends that have been playing World of Warcraft since the day it came out.

We are Recruiting! Edit

Living Wish is currently working on getting all of our members through Tier 0.5 (farming 400 orc bracers is fun) but we're also looking to the future. ZG will be within our grasp with a few more members and our ultimate goal is get up to about 25 members in time for the expansion so we'll have a force large enough for all of the new dungeons.

We currently raid consistantly on Friday and Sunday at 7:30pm EST while other nights are more on the fly depending on who is on and who wants to make stuff dead.

We're a close group of friends looking for like minded people. If you're interested, please visit our website or send a tell to any member of our guild for more information.

If you don't meet all the requirements still apply and then talk with any of the officers to see if we can work something out.

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