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 Lesser Gods (Bladefist EU)


Lesser Gods is a PvE guild on the server Bladefist. Founded in July 2007 by a group of friends, the guild quickly grew to clear Burning Crusade content, and continued strong into Northrend. Lesser Gods is among the top guilds on the realm.

The members are mainly from the UK, although the guild contains players from many countries.

The most up-to-date guild rules can be found here. Recruitment is always open, and applications must be placed in the forum.


Bastion of Twilight Heroic Edit

  • 25 Man (0/4)
  • 10 Man (0/4)

Blackwing Descent HeroicEdit

  • 25 Man (0/6)
  • 10 Man (0/6)

Throne of the Four Winds HeroicEdit

  • 25 Man (0/2)
  • 10 Man (0/2)

Bastion of Twilight Edit

  • 25 Man (4/4)
  • 10 Man (4/4)

Blackwing Descent Edit

  • 25 Man (5/6)
  • 10 Man (6/6)

Throne of the Four Winds Edit

  • 25 Man (1/2)
  • 10 Man (2/2)

Wrath Edit

The Burning CrusadeEdit


Raid ScheduleEdit

Tuesday 21:00-00:00
Thursday 21:00-00:00
Sunday 21:00-00:00

Invites start at 20:45 with the aim of starting the given raid at 21:00

The guild focuses on 25-man raids during these set raid times. 10-man raids are optional and can be lead by any guild member.


Lesser Gods uses the EPGP loot system. The main tanks have priority when it comes to looting. Offspec gear can be given at 25% of the full GP price.


Certain addons are required to be installed for use in raids. These are Omen Threat Meter, oRA2 and EPGP Lootmaster[2].

Guild RanksEdit

  • Outlander - Social/Friend Rank
  • Disciple - New member
  • Priest - Alternate character
  • Mortal - Casual raider
  • Hero - Raider
  • Champion - Special rank for long term, key raiders
  • Olympian - Class leader
  • Titan - Officer
  • Deus - Guild Leader


You may contact any of these members for more information.

Guild Master (Deus)

  • Pandamage

Officers (Titan)

  • Throndor, Acco

Class Leaders (Olympian)

  • Hunter class leader: Donuffin
  • Druid class leader: Fearlessdk
  • Paladin class leader: Throndor
  • Warrior class leader: Aoi
  • Mage class leader: Tallinor
  • Warlock class leader: n/a
  • Priest class leader: n/a
  • Shaman class leader: Blueeyebabe
  • Rogue class leader: - Docgonzo
  • Death Knight class leader:- n/a



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