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Overview Edit

Lemmings of the Light (alliance side) is a small to medium-sized casual guild, founded April first 2005. Lemmings of the Light is a multi-game community, with its roots in WoW but has branched to different games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Wildstar and SW:TOR. To fill out an application go here.

Historic events Edit

  • April 1st, 2005: Purest Light disbands, and the founders (Brutas, Ordan, Wilgje, Neti, Accolon, Wunja, Pluto) create a new guild, Lemmings of the Light.
  • Late 2005: Lemmings of the Light allies with Unity of Eternity. They end their game-relationship after two months.
  • Early 2006: Lemmings of the Light allies with Lifebound and starts to raid Zul'Gurub on Sundays, AQ20 on Thursdays.
  • September 2006: Lemmings of the Light and Lifebound cancel their alliance and go their separate ways.
  • January 2007: Lemmings of the Light downs Onyxia just before the release of the Burning Crusade.
  • April 2007: Lemmings of the Light start raiding Karazhan.
  • January 19th 2007: Lemmings down High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair on their first 25-man instance outing!
  • January 21nd 2007: Lemmings kill Prince Malchezzar for the first time
  • 2013 Update: Lemmings continue on raiding content available and having fun!
  • April 2013 Update: Lemmings recently had its eighth birthday, as a guild!
  • November 2013: Lemming of the Light has established itself as a Gaming Community where its members can enjoy a fun and safe gaming community whichever game is played.
  • April 2014 - We are still recruiting and our community exists beyond being only a WoW Guild. We have members who will only play wow but we also have a multi-game community that likes to play many other games. Some of which come up on a Friday when we organise a 'game of the week'! Our raid progress have taken a step forward and we have cleared Flex Mode. Our sole focus for guild run raids is Normal Modes and we're already well on the way through the SoO Normal Bosses. If you like the idea of joining a social and friendly guild then please look us up!
  • October 2014 - We are still recruiting like minded members to join our Community. Apart from being a WoW Guild we also play various other games such as FF14 and many Steam games. In WoW we have now cleared SoO on Heroic mode (formerly Normal mode pre patch 6.0). If you would like to join us on our journey through WoD, or would like to join us in one of the other many games we play then please don't hesitate to visit our website for more info.
  • July 2015 - Still going strong and enjoying the social side of gaming! Having been around for 10 years we are truly a community of fun loving lemmings who are always looking for new ways to get the best out of social gaming.
  • October 2015 - We are currently raiding HFC and require more raiders and also social Lemmings. We are still playing many other games outside of WoW also and have a busy Community website.
  • Nov 2015 - Lemmings continues to be social and fun. We are running many social event along side a successful raiding schedule. Always looking for more people to enjoy an MMO experience with :D
  • March 2016: Archimonde is dead!
  • July 2016: The Lemming Olympics have started with events in all of our guild communities.
  • August 2016: Legion is coming! We are ready for you, are you ready for us?
  • October 2016: Legion is in full swing and so are we. The guild is in great shape with enthusiastic members in all areas of the new expansion. Will you join us?

Schedule Edit

  • Every Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday (8pm to 10pm GMT) - Lemmings of the Light uses a self-made priority-invite system, inspired by looting system Suicide Kings, to take on the Emerald Nightmare as well as mythic(+) dungeons. With the introduction of Flex we are able to take along up to 30 people, so no one has to miss out. Leave no Lemming behind!

Guild Philosophy and Rules Edit

Lemmings of the Light follows a bunch of unwritten rules that concern common decency towards others in and outside of the guild. "We don't enforce specific talent builds, we just want people to act maturely and respectfully towards other people. We believe coöperation is born in mutual respect and good communication." Another important philosophy behind this guild is the thought "It's easier to make a nice player 'leet', than it is to make a 'leet' player nice". As a result, applicants are judged based on character, not their amount of on-line time, attunements or the quality of their gear.

Guild membership Edit

For Lemmings, fun is most important. According to the guild's website, the ideal guild member...

  • is involved in the guild, and cares about his fellow guildies
  • is attentive to other people's feelings and interests
  • is willing to be part of a team, and is willing to listen to constructive criticism,
  • improvises when the party or raid group needs them to play another role than they were doing
  • doesn't complain when they die, but learns and adapts from the experience

Guild leadership Edit

For more information you can contact guild-master Asphodel or officers, Garalia, Chiani, Evieh (or Neeith), Obelixa Jingshen or Laseen(or Draukon).

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