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Legion of Doom is one of the oldest Guilds on Ghostlands server and was created within 10 days of the realm opening. Many of the founding members of the guild are still going strong, and there is a great sense of loyalty and friendship within the guild. Initially a casual raiding/levelling guild, we have now developed into a potent raiding force, with two successful 10man teams, and are on the verge of 25man raiding. At the heart of the Legion is a sense of fun, along with the ability to learn and grow from the experiences we share.

The GuildEdit

Name Rank
Covenant/Auric Guild Master
Icanthas/Icasha Officer
Gothlar Officer
Yarin Officer
Saulburn/Machidron/Stopper Officer
Tompo Officer
Omuircu/Omoo Officer
Vagueness Officer
Jyden Paladin Class Leader
Troxx Warlock Class Leader
Wifwaf Druid Class Leader


These days we are raiding Naxxramas, Obsidian sanctum and Vault of Archavon. Currently we have 2 teams(10man) running, a Daywatch(19h30-23h00) and Nightwatch(23h00-02h00).

The Raid leaders of the team are Covenant (Daywatch) and Saulburn and Touriga(Nightwatch)

Our progress in 10 mans so far is:

Obsidian Sanctum Naxxramas: Arachnid Quarter Naxxramas: Plague Quarter Naxxramas: Military Quarter Naxxramas: Abomination Quarter Naxxramas: Saphiron Naxxramas: Kel'thuzad Eye of Eternity: Malygos

Cleared by both teams Cleared by both teams Cleared by both teams Cleared by both teams Cleared by both teams Cleared by both teams Cleared by both teams

We also started a 25 man team, currently this is at 23h-???h ST(Nightwatch time). Daywatch is planning to run a team once we get more people geared.

Our progress in 25 mans so far is:

Heroic: Obsidian Sanctum Heroic: Naxxramas: Arachnid Quarter Heroic: Naxxramas: Plague Quarter Heroic: Naxxramas: Military Quarter Heroic: Naxxramas: Abomination Quarter Heroic: Naxxramas: Saphiron Heroic: Naxxramas: Kel'thuzad Heroic: Eye of Eternity: Malygos

Cleared Cleared Cleared cleared cleared cleared cleared


we are recruiting but not showing it

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