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General Information Edit

LegioFidelis Logo KWC

Legio Fidelis Logo

Guild Message Edit

We are a guild striving to have as much fun in World of Warcraft as possible. We enjoy running instances, and are now running raids in Black Wing Lair, Molten Core, Onyxia, and Zul'Gurrub. We have just over 125 members and are actively recruiting Resto Druids. (Others are welcome to apply) We all work hard to help one another complete quests, get their gear and reach their goals. We expect members to behave like adults; this allows us to be reasonable about rules and loot. We look forward to hearing from you. Tenax et Fidelis!

Guild Schedule Edit

  • Monday - Free
  • Tuesday - 7-10 ST - Molten Core through Golemagg
  • Wedneday - 7-10 ST - Molten Core and Onyxia
  • Thurday - Free
  • Friday - 7:30-10:30 ST - Zul'Gurrub
  • Saturday - Free - (Guild Meeting 6:00, occasionally)
  • Sunday - 7-10 ST - Black Wing Lair

Story of Legio Fidelis Edit

From the wars of the New Age arose a group of adventurers under one banner. Though these adventurers fought and quested, they began to forget their purpose, their strategies became unorganized, dissensions plagued the guild, and the High Council contended with their leader.

The adventurers needed a guide, a purpose, a faith. The High Council took what resources they had and what adventurers they could convince, and formed a new legion, a new beginning: Legio Fidelis.

Under this new banner the adventurers began to protect Azeroth from the Horde and drive out the evil threatening the Light and the land.

And it came to pass that the Frostwolf Orcs came with their thousands; and they came into the land of Alterac. The Alliance laid claim to Alterac, and they sent forth an expeditionary force into the land to drive out the Frostwolves who had entrenched there.

Thus Legio Fidelis was obliged to contend with their enemies, even unto bloodshed.

Now, the leader of Legio Fidelis, a warrior named Gazelem, brought certain priests unto him to inquire of the Light whither the armies of Legio Fidelis should go to defend themselves against the Frostwolf Orcs.

The word of the Light came unto Jehosheba and Annorah, and they informed Gazelem that the armies of the Frostwolf Orcs were marching through the wilderness so they might come into the land of Alterac and commence an attack upon the weaker part of the defenses.

Now Gazelem, leaving a part of his army in the fortresses of Alterac with Vandar Stormpike, took the remaining part of his army and marched into the wilderness to face the Frostwolf Orcs. Gazelem secreted his army in the valley which was near the Field of Strife, and he placed spies round about.

He divided his army and brought a part over into the valley, and concealed them on the north, and on the south of the hill Snowfall. And the remainder he concealed in the east, on hill Stonehearth.

As the Frostwolf Orcs had passed the hill Snowfall, and came into the valley, and began to cross the Field of Strife, the army which was concealed on the south of the hill, being led by two paladins named Rintor and Avraham, came forth and encircled the Frostwolf Orcs on the south.

When the Frostwolf Orcs saw Legio Fidelis coming upon their rear, they turned and began to contend with the army of Rintor and Avraham. The work of death commenced on both sides, but it was more dreadful on the part of the Frostwolf Orcs, for they were exposed to the heavy blows of the Legio Fidelis with their swords and their hammers, which brought death almost at every stroke.

The Frostwolf Orcs became frightened because of the great destruction among them and they began to flee towards the fortresses of the Alliance.

Rintor and Avraham and their men pursued them; and the Frostwolves were driven across the Field of Strife. Retaining their army on the south of the Field of Strife, Rintor and Avraham prevented the escape of the Frostwolves.

As the Frostwolves fled, Gazelem and his army met them in the valley on the other side of the Field of Strife, and began to fall upon them and to slay them. And the Frostwolf Orcs did flee again before them, towards the Hinterlands; and they were met again by the armies of Mure and Aneke.

Now in this case the Frostwolf Orcs did fight exceedingly; yea, never had the Horde been known to fight with such exceedingly great strength and courage, no, not even from the beginning.

Yea, they did fight like dragons, and many of Legio Fidelis were slain by their hands, yea, for they did smite in two many of their helmets, and they did pierce many of their breastplates, and they did smite off many of their arms.

Nevertheless, Legio Fidelis was inspired by a greater cause, for they were not fighting for power but for their homes and their liberties, their wives and their children, and their all. They turned upon the Frostwolves, and they cried with one voice unto the Light, for their liberty and their freedom. And they stood against the Frostwolves with power and the Frostwolves began to flee before them.

Though the Frostwolves were more numerous, by more than double the number of the Legio Fidelis; nevertheless, they were driven together in the Field of Strife.

Therefore when the Frostwolves saw the men of Rintor and Avraham on the south of the Field of Strife, and the armies of Gazelem on the north of the Field of Strife, that they were encircled about by the Legio Fidelis, they were struck with terror.

Now Gazelem, when he saw their terror, commanded his men that they should stop shedding their blood. Under a truce the Frostwolf Orcs left the battle-field, but it was not long before their contentions with the Stormpike Dwarves continued.

Through the Light, Legio Fidelis shall be valiant: for the Light shall tread down our enemies.

Guild Purpose Edit

The purpose of Legio Fidelis is to establish rules to ensure peace, provide gear for the end game, promote role-playing, and recruit good members for adventuring in dungeon instances. All members of Legio Fidelis have the right to run dungeons, PVP, Role-Play, and hunt for Loot.

Above all, we exhibit respect for one another. We aid each other through the use of our talents, skills, professions, experience, and items. We believe not in completing quests for members, but in teaching members how to quest for themselves. By learning, they will better themselves and better the guild.

Many guilds do not last, but if we are dedicated to each other we will continue to exist.

Guild Charter Edit

We Live by 2 key principles - Respect and Responsibility. Legio Fidelis is a family oriented guild.

In the past, preferred play styles have been kind of hard for some people to understand, so for that reason we had to make some simple rules. These rules are here to protect all members of the Legio Fidelis. So, I ask you all to look through these few rules and please feel free to discuss them with Gazelem, Avraham, or any ranking officer, if you feel something is being treated unfairly. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


Each member is to act honourably and respectfully towards all members of the guild. The same standards of behaviour also extend to interaction with any non-members. Act in public in such a way that you represent the guild properly.

Each member should make a contribution to the guild, be it a large or small one. With this we mean contribute with skills, items, money, help with quests etc. If you are unsure of what you can contribute, ask.

If members are not able to assist right away, be patient and understand that they are working their own quests or are already assisting other guild members.


Each member, in order to use the website, is required to provide the Guild leaders with a VALID email address and it is each member's responsibility to keep the Guild leaders informed of any changes in regards to their contact information.

All members have equal rights to state their opinion and can contribute with everything they want to, with one exception: Bad language will NOT be tolerated.


We, the Guild High Council members, reserve the right to ban any person whom we believe has brought harm to the guild or any of its members, based upon investigation and findings. You can and will be booted from guild and/or site access for:

Ninja looting

  • Members reported for repeatedly looting items out of turn or without agreement from fellow party members will be considered for removal from the roster based upon evidence of an investigation.

Bad Behavior

  • Members receiving continual complaints of behaviour deemed outside of guild definition of bad behaviour.

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