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This guild is a laid back guild, recently getting into 10-man content, and still running old-world instances a lot for fun. We run heroics almost every day, and are a good family guild.

This guild was formed on Khadgar. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Salfademas, Breakwind, or Trask in game.

Guild progress Edit

  • Naxx 10 - farm status
  • Vault of Archavon 10 - farm status
  • Obsidian Sanctum 10 - farm status
  • Ulduar - First boss on farm
  • Kara, Magtheridon's Lair, Gruul's Lair - cleared

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Salfademas and a group of friends. Started as a group of friends, ended up recruiting in Vanilla WoW and doing some raiding. Recently leveling and getting to 80 were a priority, now that we have a bigger pool of level 80 characters to pick from we are getting into the WotLK raids and heroics.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, 8:00 PM Server - Sarth 10, Vault 10, Naxx 10
  • Thursday, 8:00 PM Server - Naxx 10 continuance
  • Sunday, 10:30 AM Server - Naxx 10 conclusion (if needed)

Guild rules Edit

  • We are a casual guild, raiding when we have the people and helping each other out when we can.
    • Raids will be done as per attendance and signups, people who replied sooner to invites will get priority over those who replied later.
    • We realize that Real Life happens, and as such we do not have any kind of penalty for missing a raid.
    • All members should have Flasks, stat food, and pots if needed, see other guildies if you need something made, many people have several toons with different professions so we are usually able to accommodate any needs.
    • We use a "need before greed" system of looting, whoever needs it the most gets the gear.

Officers Edit

Salfademas, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for guild information and rules.
Breakwind, Lieutenant 
Guild designated Boomkin. Good at hosting BBQs.
Tsyndeelee, Lieutenant 
Main tank of the guild, super awesome.
Trask, Lieutenant 
Pewpew mage tank, aka vending machine.

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