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A World of Warcraft guild on the Cenarius US server. Originally a casual guild, it has now become a raiding guild, and has cleared Blackwing Lair.


Mission Statement Edit

Mission Statement: Legacy Reborn was formed out of a the ashes of our old guild. Our goal is ultimately to have fun, and while doing so, help each other achieve both guild and personal goals. We will stand to defend our members and our faction and strive to be actively involved in both PvE and PvP encounters on the Cenarius server. We are a raiding force with casual players, who will move through end game content at our own pace.

Accomplishments Edit

Misc Edit

Raid Progress Edit

World Bosses Edit

Leadership Edit

Generals: Edit

Bladenight(GM), Draizien, Eduardo, Theresa,

Commanders: Edit

Gooze, Lightstrum, Paige, Rialianfara, Shockgasm Shaman,

Guardians: Edit

Bendark, Blueskies, Ecthan, Ezekielx, Grape, Iowynn, Mirarain, Sokrin, Tecno,

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Legacy Reborn

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