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This article is a guild information page for Lazy Peon Tavern of Silvermoon Europe.

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Alliance 32 Lazy Peon Tavern
Name Lazy Peon Tavern
Server Silvermoon Europe
Leader Kittenface (Luria)
Levels 85
Type PvE
Accounts 40 +
Website Lazy Peon Tavern Lazy Peon Tavern @ Silvermoon

Lazy Peon Tavern is an Alliance guild on Silvermoon EU with a primary aim to raid and progess in 10 player content. The guild was formed in 2007 and is comprised of players from more than 10 different European countries.

While having raiding as the primary focus for guildactivity, Lazy Peon Tavern does not recruit new members solely based on gameperformance. Instead the primary prerequisit for joining the guild is to have a personality that the members perceive as pleasant, and thereby fitting into the group.

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