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Overview Edit

Last Resort was a Horde guild in World of Warcraft on the US realm Arygos (PvE).

Last Resort was a raiding guild with an accessible schedule for mature players, ages (roughly) 21 and up. Members were all people with real lives, and because of this there was a relaxed raiding schedule of only 2 nights a week (Sunday/Wednesday). Last Resort took pride in the excellent team they brought together of good people who also happened to be skilled players.

The guild was founded in August 2005 by Nawatok and a core of members from Chained (formerly Married with Children) on the Durotan server. The guild moved to Arygos at the end of classic WoW, when a free transfer opportunity arose. While progression was extremely casual in classic WoW (with only Molten Core and 1 boss in BWL cleared), LR cleared all content in The Burning Crusade save Sunwell Plateau, and eventually moved to 'casual/retired' status after killing the Lich King.

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