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Last Action Hero is the largest PvP guild on Spinebreaker. Focusing on providing an inclusive experience to our members and the rest of the PvP community on our realm. Our commitment and dedication to the community has lead to us becoming on of the most respected guilds on the realm. Our members are all 16 years or older and sociable, aiming for enjoyment over pure progression. As such, we are focused on building a community of like minded players and both recruitment and our events are conducted with this in mind.

About Us Edit

Last Action Hero is an organization with a heart for its members, an ear for their voices, and a passion for ideas. We believe that at the heart of any successful guild you have to narrow your beliefs and goals to a single word. For us, that word is "community". Last Action Hero is all about the community. Without the input and dedication from every single member we would probably never exist.

Here at Last Action Hero, everyone shows and shares an open heart. Everyone treats each other with respect. It's for that reason why we're one of the friendliest and most-welcoming guilds on the server.

Some guild leaders don't listen to their members. They like the way they run things, and often this works well for them but not for other people. We're different. We understand that some things we do aren't perfect, and some things can be done better using different methodologies. Which is why we encourage our members to use their voice and for us to use our ears.

Ideas are an amazing thing. Our passion for idea means that we are continuously exploring and researching additional methodologies and solutions to expand our services and enhance the community.

Guild Ranks Edit

Our guild ranks have been carefully thought and and created to benefit the community. Aside from the distinguished ranks, such as Officers and their Assistants, we have a three-tier system specially crafted to benefit the wider community.

All of our members are treated equally within the guild. We believe that everyone should be treated with the same respect and courtesy as you would treat your friends. However, we recognise that within the ranks of our members there are players with different level of expertise. For that reason, we use a three-tier ranking system for all our members.

Based on their performance in Arena and Rated Battlegrounds players are ranked between 3 tiers, to make it clearer to other members what skill level they are at. These tiers are Novice, Journeyman and Expert.

Signature Events Edit

All of the events we host are carefully planned and coordinated using perfectly calculated tactics and a lot of hard work from all our administrative team. Whilst some PvP guilds focus just on rated battleground premades, we offer an all inclusive experience by hosting and organizing arena tournaments, world PvP and casual PvE raiding.

Rated Battlegrounds Edit

Here at Last Action Hero we're eagerly awaiting the release of Cataclysm and the introduction of Rated Battlegrounds. The announcement made by Blizzard back at Blizzcon 2009 really got us excited. We see it as a way to reintroduce the old style of battleground premade's that have become increasingly difficult to create and host as Wrath of the Lich King has gone on. More information about our commitment to Rated Battlegrounds can be found at our dedicated website:

World PvP Edit

Last Action Hero is dedicated to world PvP, and has formed a partnership with several Alliance guilds to compete in world PvP events in several locations across Azeroth and Outland. More information about our commitment to World PvP on Spinebreaker can be found on our dedicated website

Arena Tournaments Edit

Once per month we host an internal arena tournament. Many people want to develop their skills in arena, try new setups and learn communication skills without affecting their personal or team rating. Our monthly arena tournament is the best place to do such a thing. More information is, of course, available on our website, at

PvE Edit

Although we are primarily a PvP guild, we do conduct PvE raids for those who require either PvE items, rings or trinkets. We also do PvE because we find that a number of people in the guild enjoy PvE. Although we do not sanction against doing PvE outside the guild, most guild members find it easier to do raids within the guild. More information is available on our website, at

ArenaSeeking Edit

On May 10th 2009 a service was launched to the realm of Spinebreaker by Premade which allowed anyone on the realm to match themselves to arena partners. It worked as a two-way process of finding a partner. Firstly, you sign up to the website and register your character details and what you are searching for onto the database. After that you can then either browse for a partner using ArenaSeeking's View option. Should you find a partner which you may find suitable, you have the option to contact that player via Email. Alternatively, you can wait for one of Premade's officer team to match you to a partner.

With the release of Cataclysm, Last Action Hero is taking over the reins from Premade and is preparing to release a new edition of ArenaSeeking, which is being designed to be more security focused and more sophisticated to use. New features include a Single-Account-Multi-Character based system, allowing you to register multiple characters under a single account, as well as taking several methods to ensure the service is secure and safe to use. Dependent on whether the system is successful in Cataclysm for the realm of Spinebreaker, plans have been drawn up to expand the service to the other realms.

The URL for our ArenaSeeking service is

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