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Guild progress Edit

Heroic ICC = 11/12 - Working on Heroic Lich King

History Edit

One of the first and oldest guilds on the server, Ladies of Destiny has been through many changes but remains one of the staples to Scarlet Crusade.

Weekly raid schedule (server time CST) Edit

  • Tuesday - 7:00pm
  • Wednesday - 7:00pm
  • Thursday - 7:00pm
  • Sunday - 7:00pm

About Ladies of Destiny Edit

Our Environment: Edit

LoD maintains a roster of well spoken, intelligent, and helpful players. Our ventrilo, raid, and guild chat are very laid back. We seem to produce inside jokes on the daily and our forums (nearing 40,000 posts) are lively with off-topic posts and entertainment. At the same time we take progression and raiding seriously. You will need to be comfortable with receiving constructive criticism from both the officers and your fellow guildmates. This may include comments on your spec, gem choices, talent choices, etc. Regular WWS analysis and constant self-improvement are vital parts of being a member of LoD.

Our Progression: Edit

Ladies of Destiny is the Oldest Guild on the server and finished as the second most progressed guild on Scarlet Crusade to end BC. We have cleared BT/MH and are 6/6 SW.

Raid Schedule: Edit

During progression periods, we raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 7:00-11pm CST.

Recruitment is OPEN: Edit

If you are a geared, experienced, mature person with a good attitude who wants to see all the content in the game, then this is the guild for you. You should know that most of our members are college age or older. Application instructions are found on our website

Requirements Edit

Gear Requirements:

You should be equipped with Tier 6 equivalent gear or better. You should have appropriate PvE enchants and epic gems in all of your equipment.

Skill Requirements:

Previous raiding experience is a must, pre BC raiding experience is a huge plus. Fast reaction time, knowledge of your class, and the ability to learn new encounters quickly are requirements.

Talent Requirements:

You must have a PvE talent spec and be willing to respec if we ask you to do so, period.

Play-style Requirements:

If you habitually go /afk or don’t pull your weight, do not apply. You must be a quick learner and be able to think on your feet.

Attendance Requirements:

You must make 75% or more of all scheduled raids. We prefer members who approach 100% attendance. If you cannot make a scheduled raid, you should make a post or let an officer know before the raid that you will be unable to attend. Please put one of these sentences/phrases in the "Anything else to add" section of your application to prove that you pay attention and follow instructions: "Robot, Don’t Panic!" "Ferals can’t be reel MTs." "Heal only the tanks, everyone else bandage." or "Are we going in through the sewer or something?" You should also be able to stay connected to WoW for the duration of the raid, and rarely have to leave the raid for "emergencies".

How we handle Loot: Edit

Loot System: Earn as you go dkp for non-trivial 25 mans, with bonuses for being on time and online for the whole raid. We will be employing a weekly dkp decay for wotlk content which will reward more recent contributions. Off or Second spec loot, unwanted by main specs, will not cost dkp and will be given out through loot council and /random. We /random and use Common Sense™ in Karazhan, ZA, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridon's Lair. We are not here to play dress-up; we do not like greedy people. Loot is for progression purposes, and will be treated as such.

Guild Bank: Edit

Raiders have full access to the guild bank for repairs during raid hours. The guild bank also provides some food, flasks, elixirs and potions to its raiding members.

Officers Edit

Matron, Guildmaster
Tarja, Officer
Emarori, Officer
Miyuki, Officer

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