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La Familia De Stonewall (aka LFDS or The Stonewall Family) is a gay-friendly guild on the World of Warcraft Proudmoore server & is the original founding sub-guild of the Meta-guild "The Stonewall Family". They are primarily a casual social guild family, with raiding opportunities for those who enjoy raiding on a regular basis. The entire guild structure is open to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, straight, LGBT-friendly & questioning players who are looking to play with other open-minded & diverse gamers.

La Familia De Stonewall was formed on Proudmoore in 2007. Due to growth, we have expanded to include three sister guilds which are all affiliated under the Meta-guild "The Stonewall Family" -- The Family of Stonewall which includes all new members, and The Pride of Stonewall. We currently are accepting new member applications. To fill out an application please go to our website located at

On November 20th, 2009 - The Stonewall Family meta-guild was named Guild of the Month by the gaming news website (formerly Wowinsider). The guild also received blog coverage on the blog and the GLBT news blogs and

Events Edit

The Stonewall Family co-sponsors the annual Proudmoore Pride Parade and after-party with its sister hordeside guild, Taint. The event is widely known for being the largest in-game MMO celebration of LGBT pride and attracts over a thousand attendees each year. For information about the current year's Pride Parade plans, please see To take a look at past Proudmoore Pride celebrations - check out the videos posted to YouTube by our members at: this link.

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed in December 2007 by a group of close friends who felt Proudmoore was lacking a primarily social LGBT guild which had opportunities to raid for those who wanted them, but also had a place for those who did not raid. The goal of founding the guild was to provide a harassment free family for LGBT players and their friends, without pressure to raid.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Raid times and instances are coordinated weekly by their respective raid leaders. The guild is primarily socially focused, as a result - raid team formation is independent of the leadership of the guild.

Guild rules Edit

The Stonewall Family's rules and code of conduct are explained in their charter, located on their website.

Officers Edit

Our current officer roster can be found at our website, at the following link: Officer Listing

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