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The Kvasir Knights like to operate on just a few principles! Fun, fair, teamplay, friendliness

This guild was formed on Terokkar EU. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we recruit all players with little to no experience to players with lots of experience. To fill out an application go to Kvasir Knights Forum Guild Application Template. For more information you can contact Gomulee, Skavau, Maaku, Ádamus in game.

Guild progress Edit

Currently not Raiding on a regular basis, this WILL change.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Gomulee, Skavau, Ádamus and Maaku. After growing to a considerable size they started attempting to do Raids. After much trial and error they decided to extend recruitment to anyone that could be an asset. Within weeks they had their first battle with Lord Marrowgar

Weekly raid schedule Edit

No Scheduals as of yet. Usually raid on Saturday evening from 7pm to Midnight and continue on Sunday from 8pm to whenever the group gets tired or has to go.

Guild rules Edit

The Guild is a very laid back one when it comes to membership but we do have rules all the same. One such rule is to be Polite and helpful to fellow players and Guildmates. No racial slurs from anyone. Respect the chain of command but if you see corruption or something suspicious, report it. Promote fun, fair, teamplay and friendliness. We may not be a hardcore raiding Guild but we do take the raids that we do seriously.

Officers Edit

The Guild does not have a single leader, instead we opted for a Council. Some members of this Council have an allegeance to the Guild but are not members of the Guild and the rest are long time members or founders. All Guild matters are discussed and reviewed by the Council, Guild members have a right to vote on things they want, vote against things they don't want and many other things.

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