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He's the Kung Foo Rooster: One Cock Who's Ready to Rock

Kung Foo Roostaz (KFR) is an alliance guild on the Dark Iron server composed primarily of readers of the Penny Arcade webcomic. As a member of the Penny Arcade Alliance, the Kung Foo Roostaz are primarily a PVP focused guild. The Roostaz were originally created by their founder, Saiyajin, and were one of the first guilds to join the Penny Arcade Alliance in 2005.

Guild Vision Edit

The Kung Foo Roostaz were created with a goal of becoming a Guild who's name alone is feared by those in the Horde in PVP both on Dark Iron US and on all the realms in their Shadowburn battlegroup.

Name Origin Edit

The Kung Foo Roostaz name is originally taken from a Penny-Arcade comic published on June 15, 2005. The comic in its entirety can be viewed from the Penny Arcade Website.

Guild Ranks Edit

In order to advance from one rank to another, you must win a certain amount of duels. These wins must be witnessed by an officer of the guild. A member may duel anyone, guild member or not, to get these wins on their record. The policy to start and end these duels is with a /bow. The following is a list of ranks and what is required to achieve each rank:

  • Soft Boiled Egg: No requirement
  • Brawler: 2 Weeks Membership in the Guild
  • Fighting Roosta: 2 wins against any classes
  • Kung Foo Roosta: 4 wins, at least 3 different classes
  • Champion Roosta: 6 wins, at least 4 different classes
  • Ninja Roosta: 8 wins, at least 5 different classes
  • Master Rooster: 10 wins, must win at least once against every single class (excluding shaman)

GrandMaster: This is a special rank that only ONE person in the guild can hold at a time. In order to become a GrandMaster, you must duel and defeat the current GrandMaster. You may only challenge the GrandMaster once a week. If you defeat him, he loses his place as the GrandMaster, and you assume his position for 1 week. After this week, you are again open to challenges from other members. The GrandMaster position may only be challenged by Master Roosters!

Guild Officers Edit

Guild Leader: Griip

Officers: Pwnme, Arnth, Flowbee, Michee, Freewitch, Meatheadone, Olehammerson, Saijin, Missdnj, Undeadslayer, Esperanza

Additional Links Edit

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