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Kold Killers is a guild started when World Of Warcraft (WoW) first released to the public, they started out life on Shattered Hand where they were mainly low level characters. The transferred to Bloodscalp shortly after due to the large queue times to log into Shattered Hand due to the over population of the server.

On Bloodscalp the Kold Killers quickly rose to one of the largest and most accomplished guilds on the server with over 300 members at one point they quickly progressed through Molten Core and were one of the first guild on the server to down Ragnaros. Shorty after the first full clear they had Molten Core on farm and had progressed into Onyxia's Lair. They were no doubt one of the best guilds at the time.

Kold Killers was best known for their skillful pvp'ers. Their team made up of several of their founding members, Twlsted, Syljin, Choo, Friq, Fraq and others was an unstoppable force destroying any team they came up against, they focused on Warsong Gultch and dominated it, at one point even top Horde teams would AFK when they entered and saw who they were up against.

After some internal issues with guild leadership Kold Killers split and the original members and founder transferred off the server, they were nomadic for several years just going from server to server before they landed on Gnomeregan, they liked it there but it was a PVE server and the lack of a constant threat on your life when leveling felt weird to these hard core pvp'ers, despite this they decided to stay and call it home. This is where they have been ever since, they recently started building their guild back up in hopes of returning to their rightful spot at the top.

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