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The guild Knights of the Shadows (KotS) on server Kalecgos was formed back in January 2006. It was originally created as a place where a small group of friends and family members could get together to enjoy the World of Warcraft (WoW) experience. Since then, the guild has grown into a well respected, casual end game raiding guild on the server. We work hard to maintain an organization that our members are proud to call home.


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Progression Edit

Mode Naxxramas Vault of Archavon Obsidian Sanctum Eye of Eternity Ulduar Crusader's Coliseum Ice Crown
N -- -- -- --
Patch 3.3
N -- -- -- --
Patch 3.3

Raid ScheduleEdit

Day Time Content
Tuesday 6pm ST - 9pm ST 25-man
Wednesday 6pm ST - 9pm ST 10s
Thursday 6pm ST - 9pm ST 25-man, Continued

Loot SystemEdit

KotS has adopted the EPGP system for loot distribution. EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points. Effort Points quantify the effort each member put towards the (common) guild goals and Gear Points quantify what each member got back in return. Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; priority (PR) is equal to EP/GP.


Applicants to the guild go thorough a formal interview process before an invite will be considered. The forum application is reviewed by our class leads as well as our members. If that goes well, an interview over vent is done by the class lead before a decision to invite or not is made. If an invite is made, new members go through a thirty day probation period during which time their actions and behavior help us decided if they will be a good fit or not. Not everyone makes it into the guild, but those who do tend to be a good fit!
  • Have reached level 80 as a result of your own efforts (no power-leveling services, no farming services, no purchased accounts or characters).
  • Be mature enough to interact in an environment with other adults.
  • Have the desire to see as much of the game's content as possible.
  • Have the initiative to work towards acquiring the best gear you can (through instancing and reputation rewards), and enchanting/gemming it to the best of your ability.
  • At the same time, we play the game to have fun as a group, not simply to acquire gear; greediness is not acceptable.
  • Come to raids prepared: have flasks, buff food, potions, reagents, and other consumables ready to go.
  • Have installed the two required addons for raiding.
  • Above all, play the game to have fun.
You can always check our recruitment status by clicking here.


We've decided upon a rotating strategy regarding our Class Officers. Each Class Officer is reviewed every 4 months in order to see whether or not he/she is upholding the standards set out for this position. This quarterly review approach allows the GM to demote an Officer if his/her performance fails to maintain said standards, at the same time it also allows the Officer to step down if he/she feels that the position has taken the fun out of the game.
Dionys, Current Guild Leader and Class Lead, Hunters
Busterian, GM Emeritus
Rodrick, GM Emeritus
Mithril Knight
Brinden, Co-GM
Shadow Knight
--Open--, Class Lead, Death Knights
Brinden, Class Lead, Druids
Lilmageface, Class Lead, Mages
Ghostadin, Class Lead, Paladins
--Open--, Class Lead, Priests
--Open--, Class Lead, Rogues
Bazzled, Class Lead, Shamans
--Open--, Class Lead, Warlocks
Sryan, Class Lead, Warriors


Under Construction

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