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Knights of Utopia is a casual PvE guild with a moderate number of members and a lot of good times.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Alleria. It is dedicated towards end game instances and having fun along the way. We're really out to prove that you can be a "raiding" guild and still be casual and have fun. For more information contact Owaru or Boon in game

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

We've had our issues and problems. We've grown large and then deflated. Right now we've got a good core group for attacking Karazhan in earnest. Soon we'll be moving on towards the big boy raids.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a "medium core" raiding guild as such every person is expected to have Ventrillo, a threat meter, and a boss warning mod.
  • All members are required to have a least 10 Super Healing Potions at the start of the raid as well as being fully repaired.
  • All members should bring food, appropriate class potions (both guardian and elixir) or a flask.
  • We use a DKP system for loot.
  • Prospective raiders will need a full armory check before raiding. This is just to ensure the best experience for all party members.

Officers Edit

Include a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason. Optionally, you can include their title and a short summary of their responsibilities.

Owaru, Guildmaster 
Guild leader.
Neshura, Guild Lady 
Keeping Owaru in line
Boon, Number 1 
Owaru's bane
Kava, Kay 
Boon's Bane
Absitivly, High Council 
Mage for all seasons (especially winter)
Ravensfire, High Council 
Rogue (full on killing machine)
More will be added when list is available.

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