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Killing the Lich King


From an older raid

The Knights of the Frontier are an Alliance social guild on the European English speaking server Anachronos. The guild level is 25. Their members come from all over Europe (UK, Netherlands, Rumania, Greece, Denmark, Sweeden, France, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Polland, etc.) and even some from far away like Russia or South Africa. The members's age is between 18 and 60 years old, most members being over 25 years old. The current member count is 229, over 40 active members (people not characters).

Their focus is on having fun with the game, getting to know people from different countries and cultures and exploring game content with each other. Senior members make sure that strong social ties between people are maintained. Fun runs are frequent, especially on Sunday evenings.

Normal and Heroic Pandaria Dungeons are part of the program. Raids only happen on occasional basis, if enough lvl85-90 members are available to start one. Old content raids do happen more often, especially for transmogriphication purposes. Ninjas and offenders are banned immediately. This guild has been around for over 5 years now, helping to level and gear players all around.

It is highly recommended for polite and easy going players who want to level (or gear at lvl85+) at a normal or faster pace, while also relaxing and having fun with other members. Not recommended for hard-core raiders. You may think of it as a pub: You can relax with your friends and enjoy the activities.

The guild has a bank with multiple tabs. Almost all professions are available through the different members.

There is also a Facebook group page and a ventrilo server. You can access the urls for those only if you join the guild.

If u want to become a member contact one of the senior members like: Mattlor (guild leader), Fadral (Guild leader), Ajaxtelamon (social officer), Unmerciful(Officer), Mythryll (officer) or The guilds page on armory is here

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