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Knights of Northrend is currently running two 10 man raid teams, and one full 25 man raid team. We are continuing to welcome new members as we want to grow even more, and run 3 or more 10 man teams and a second 25 man raid team. We have progressed through all of the 10 man content and are getting close to finishing 25 man Naxxramas and moving to 25 man Malygos to follow.

With our current progression, we WILL definitely be in Ulduar as soon as Patch 3.1 is released in the upcoming weeks. At that point we will have enough to focus on the 25 man content for the best possible gear we can obtain and let the 10 man raids be spent in the off time, or during the weeks.

This guild was formed on Ravencrest US. It is dedicated towards end game raiding, and while we like recruiting people with raiding experience, we are happy to train those new to end game raiding. For more information the guild website is your best source. For more information you can contact any of our Guild Leaders in game.

10 Man Guild progress Edit

25 Man Guild progress Edit

Visual Progression Edit

We have a page on our guild website that lays out our current WotLK progression visually, and is well worth checking out!

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Dealerofdoom and a group of in game friends that spent time in a couple of Burning Crusade guilds together. The goal was to simply build our own WotLK raiding guild. After a few weeks with some of us at level 80, we had enough for a 10 man raiding team, and within a couple weeks, had Naxxramas fully cleared, and saw a sudden rise in membership, giving us enough to run 25 man raids in guild. We have since been focusing on 25 man content, leaving 10 man content for the weeknights.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules & guidelines Edit

Guild Leaders Edit

Dealerofdoom, Guildmaster 
Guild leader, sneaky Mutilate Rogue, all around DPS fanatic. Contact in-game for more guild information, or your chance to join!
Dkaid, Asst to GM 
Our Main Tank.
Guryanne, Asst to GM 
Our resident 1337 healer.
Kaneia, Officer 
Very capable Shammy Healer, and balancer of testosterone in officer chat.
Praetorianjh, Officer 
Another sneaky rogue that likes to out roll Dealerofdoom on his gear!

Guild Website Edit

More information regarding Knights of Northrend can be found at our guild website

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