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History Edit

KnightPhyre was founded by Shinsei of Argent Dawn in December of 2006.

Guild Information Edit

KnightPhyre is primarily a casual PVE guild. KnightPhyre does not boast a large population of unique accounts due to its selective nature and tends to induct members who are mature, level-headed players who focus on cameraderie and team play rather than greed. While KnightPhyre does raid (it has have completed Karazhan, and several members are exploring SSC, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Zul'Aman, and Black Temple) the guild does not focus on the hardcore raid aspect of the game, nor does it attempt to dictate personal playstyle.

Guild Leadership Edit

KnightPhyre's leadership consists of a governing council, a raid leader, and class leaders.

As of March 2008, the current council consists of:

First Knight: Icedwoman

Warmaster: Beastkin

Knight Council Elders: Athicia, Celestrya, Meaow, Shinenai, Shinx

KnightPhyre operates under a detailed charter that ensures fairness and team play for all of its members.

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