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Kinslayer is a moderately active leveling guild. It is a young guild that is starting earnest recruitment. It focuses on leveling, skill proficiency, acheivements and character development.

Kinslayer consists of members of varying skill and character levels. The senior members are tasked with guiding the junior members through the game world, and it is not uncommon for high level members to run vastly lower instances with the "lowbies". The guild has a website which has at least weekly updates on guild affairs, and links to useful guild information. Kinslayer uses a VOIP program for group activities and a Guild Bank with four distinct tabs which are kept organised by the guild leader, or "Cloister Master".

Guild StructureEdit

The Guild Ranks, from lowest to highest, are as follows.

  • Seeker: The manditory two week probationary period for all new members. It serves to ensure that the guild and member are a good fit for each other. It also is a security measure that prevents ninja looters stealing from the Guild Bank.
  • Adept: The level at which the member has access to the bank tabs and free guild tabard. Each member's Inquisitor will mail the tabard upon promoting the Seeker to Adept. This rank is also allowed to make guild invites.
  • Postulant: This rank is awarded to members who have acheived level 20, or shortly thereafter. At this rank bank priveleges increase and members can post their own guild events.
  • Celebrant: Celebrants are given even more bank priveleges and may be eligible for Inquisitor. This rank is usually given between levels 40 and 60, but usually closer to 40.
  • Inquisitor: The officers of the guild. They can promote or demote members as needed, and are required to manage nine other members' discipline and rewards. The guild website details which Inquisitors are "in charge" of which members, the listing being available to all members.
  • High Inquisitor: Functionally an Inquisitor, the High Inquisitor or HI also acts as the Cloister Master's stand-in if the CM is unavailable for some reason, such as Kithkanan's recent account theft and recovery. The HI is also the designated member who will accept guild leadership should the CM decide or be forced to quit.

Raids R Not UsEdit

One of the motivations behind the formation of the guild was a disdain for the current raiding atmosphere. Kithkanan, the guild's founder, was a newer player and found that many guilds did nothing but raid. Fine for some, he thought, but what about players who wanted to explore the world, or garner some of the non-combat acheivements? What if all a player wanted was a casual guild environment for support, possibly a new player that wanted non-judgemental guidance? From this spark Kinslayer was born.

As it stands today, raiding is not on Kinslayer's bi-weekly event rotation, and according to Kith, probably never will be. He also states that if members want to form a raid, this is perfectly permissible- even fun- but raiding will never be a focus for the guild. This has caused many members to seek other guilds, but has also been reason for many to join.

History Edit

Kinslayer was formed on 3 March 2010 by Kithkanan, its current leader. As "Kith" had very little guild experience, the first several months of running the guild were, for the most part, trial and error. Eventually, a solid guild structure was established and officers put in place that would ensure the guild met its goals. At the current time, Kinslayer is experiencing a reformation of sorts; now that there is a serious commitment by members to further the interests of the guild, many (now former) members found Kinslayer a poor fit.

On 18 August 2010, Kithkanan's account was stolen. The thief took all of the guild's gold and most of the items in the bank tabs themselves. Blizzard representatives, however, were able to restore the losses, and thus return the guild's solvency. Additional security measures have been implemented to prevent a future occurence.

Bi-Weekly Event ScheduleEdit

For purposes of demonstration, we will use Thursday, 12 August 2010 as the starting point.

  • Quest Night 12/08/2010 at 1800: The guild groups together to finish quests which are difficult or may require several players. Dungeon Quests fall into this category.
  • Opening Battleground Day 13/08/2010 at 0000: The holiday for a particular battleground opens, and the guild is encourged to take advantage of the increases in honor. Similarly leveled players can group for the Battlegrounds holiday.
  • Guild Meeting 14/08/2010 at 2130: One of two bi-weekly meetings, conducted on guild chat or VOIP. All members can attend and voice their opinions.
  • Dungeon Night 15/08/2010 at 2115: The event coordinator picks a random instance to run. Members may request a specific instance for this event.
  • Quest Night 16/08/2010 at 1800: Another event as described above.
  • Battleground Last Call 17/08/2010 at 0000: A reminder that the battleground holiday has two hours remaining. On these days, another event may be scheduled for the remainder of the day.
  • Dungeon Night 18/08/2010 at 2100: Another event as described above, this instance may be a repeat of the previous event but is normally a different instance.

The rotation will then repeat on the second following Thursday; in this case, 26 August 2010.

Guild rules Edit

A full list of current rules can be found on the guild's official website.

Officers Edit

Kithkanan, Cloister Master: The guild's founder. His name, and that of the guild, as well, refer to the life of a fictional character in the Dragonlance saga of novels and game products from TSR written by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis

Cannibull, High Inquisitor: The "number two" of the guild, "Canni" is quite fond of Scarlet Monastery instance runs, and is an able administrator. He was in charge of the guild during Kith's account lockout.

As of this update, we are trying to promote officers from within. Currently Voodooscar is our only Inquisitor, with space for one more, soon to be two.

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